Trump got up before the fact

A group of relatives of victims of the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 finally realized threats once against Obama. The group filed a lawsuit in court against Saudi Arabia, accusing it of financing and providing other support to al-Qaida (banned in Russia organization — approx. ed.) during this terrorist attack.

A new round of September 11

Is it by chance just now they decided to carry out his threats? Definitely not! We note the following. If the claim is at least partially satisfied, then this verdict will serve as a document having the force of law of the United States. That is, not the relatives of the victims and the American court, and hence the us government officially recognizes Saudi Arabia responsible for the support of not only international terrorism, but large-scale attack on the United States. Incidentally, because of this attack, the United States began military action in Afghanistan and Iraq. In this case, loses its strength and the factor of limitation, that is, in the presence of a court decision, even unwittingly, Washington will be forced to take concrete steps.

Now the question arises, how realistic is it to expect the courts to at least partially satisfy the claim, which, incidentally, has under itself the serious bases. So serious that the Obama White house through internal channels intervened, not allowing to start this process. However, it is clear that now the administration trump is a serious problem for building such a relationship with the judicial system. For example, the court system prevented the acclaimed politics trump on the issue of migrants, although the President did everything possible to guide this losing the process in the right direction. Now, given that this is a controversial topic associated with Saudi Arabia, comes into court, it becomes clear that the White House does not control the situation and couldn’t stop the process. And if they fail stop the process in court, it may face serious consequences.

That will have to do the administration of the trump in the event of such a court order? If this decision is ignored, it will be a serious blow to the reputation of trump. Not to mention the fact that in this case, you start getting accusations that the U.S. government does not wish to take steps against countries that sponsor and support the country that supports terrorism, and possibly in participating in this. And this will not be difficult to build the process of impeachment.

If trump will abide by this decision, the next question is how he will punish Saudi Arabia? So, as we did with Afghanistan and Iraq Bush? Or trump will be limited to other, say, economic sanctions? Whatever he did, it will cause serious confrontation in the sense that Saudi Arabia is now seen as the leader of the Sunni Islamic world, that is, the White house will deal with the Sunnis, already dissatisfied with the trump. If you add to this the complex relationships of trump with the Muslim Shiites and their leader of Iran, in the case of such a court verdict, the tramp would be a deep enmity with the whole Islamic world.

Alone this perspective suggests that at the moment the trial is well-known anti-Tarnowskie power and they will fight to achieve a positive decision. And trump has a limited capacity to prevent it.

Losing the company of Obama

Thus, it is noticeable that after the tramp walked into the house, he did not manage to take the country under stable control, resulting in serious complications and at external sites. More or less stable relations with Europe and no. Next, trump tried to seize the strategic initiative in the Pacific to force China to retreat. But instead there was the growing problem of North Korea, after running in Japan ballistic missiles. Washington responded by establishing in South Korea protective anti-missile systems that represent a step not only against China, but also Russia. But Moscow said the supplies to China of systems s-400, which, according to some professional sources, will be placed on the disputed Islands in the South China sea, and it almost neutralizes all aerospace privileges in the region.

And if we add to this the problem with the Sunni Muslims in the middle East, it will turn out that already from the first months of his presidency a trump was in the position of losing all the geopolitical front. Of course, all this losing preconditions he inherited from Obama. But Obama, now there, and whoever was guilty in this situation, the charges are directed against the incumbent President — trump.

And in such situation it became known that the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson in April, after participating in the summit G7в Italy, his first official visit will make to Moscow. The press Secretary of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova on his page on Facebook reacted to the fact that information became known to the General public: “We are surprised by the constant drain of sensitive information in Washington. It is time that the US political elite decided it again “Russian hackers” hacked into the website of the state Department, or the threat of information security of the USA is of American origin.” Even the US state Department with such speed reacted to this information that the impression that it was a specially arranged sink is from the Department of state. The meaning is easy to guess the solution to all of these challenges trump can find in Moscow. And Vice versa — Moscow, in turn, can close many wrinkled that real cooperation with Washington.

Finally, there is another side to this coin is the cooperation brings in the leaders of geopolitics and the U.S. and Russia, leaving all the others in secondary roles. Including a Europe that is powerless against trump, if you lose the ability to turn the Eurasian vector. And only this hidden threat is that the Secretary of state will depart to Moscow, and possible means and arrangements, will be a good trump card in the hands of Washington on the Italian G7. If this does not yield results, then perhaps Tillerson should fly to Moscow with serious proposals.

But if the results will be Trump for the soul… But it probably will work in this direction.