Poroshenko has decided to provide the head of the High Council of justice to Benedicto state protection

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the head of the High Council of justice (SCJ) Igor Benedick will be given state protection at least until after the election of new members of the Supreme court of Ukraine.

“I want to announce that I have decided, at least for the duration of the contest (in the new Supreme court of Ukraine. – Ed.) the head of the High Council of justice to provide state protection”,- the President said on Wednesday in Kiev, opening a meeting of the Council for judicial reform.

As reported on 18 March, the press service of the Supreme Council of justice said that late in the evening of 17 March, more than 10 people in balaclavas attacked the head of the Council of Benedicta and his wife, the head of the GSP had to carry a warning shot into the air to defend themselves.

12 the parties to the conflict was taken to darnytske police Department of Kiev, where he established their personalities. It arrived here as their lawyer. Part of delivered, refused to give any explanations, referring to article 63 of the Constitution of Ukraine, others noted that there were no acts of hooliganism did not commit, and carried out a peaceful action.

The police started two criminal proceedings on the fact of hooliganism and threats (of violence) in respect of a statesman on the events near the house of Benedica.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko considers the attack on the head of the High Council of justice as an attempt to disrupt the judicial reform and law enforcement requires the rapid and objective investigation of the incident.

The investigation of the incident with the attack does the Main military Prosecutor’s office, among the versions of what happened, which verifies the result, obstruction of the professional activity of the head of the VSP.

The investigation found that the representatives of the public movement “Tradition and order,” the former battalion of patrol service of militia of special function “Harpoon”, and a juvenile attacked Benedick and his wife. During the attack, 13 aggressive individuals in balaclavas interfere with the flow of car Benedick, shouting threats about inflicting bodily harm due to his professional activities, but also attacked by unidentified objects in the car.

The judge called the police, but it caused even more aggression of the attackers. Therefore, Benedick made of premium firearms firing a warning shot. All 13 people established by the investigation, they summoned to the investigator of the military Prosecutor of the Kiev garrison. The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said that taking personal control of the investigation regarding the attack on Benedick in Kiev.