In Ukraine cheaper gas industry

“Naftogaz of Ukraine” in April reduced the price of natural gas for industrial consumers and institutions. Compared with prices in March this year, in April 2017 prices reduced by 10%, the press service of “Naftogaz”, which also provided a full list of new tariffs.

Thus, for industrial consumers, the tariff will be 6 396 – 7 097 UAH/thousand cubic meters, which is 732 – 769 UAH/thousand cubic meters less than in March.

In particular, the rate in UAH 097 7 to be applied for industrial consumers:

  • the monthly volume of consumption which is below 50 thousand cubic meters;
  • which monthly volumes are not regulated;
  • which monthly volumes are not regulated, and which thus have the debt for gas to “Naftogaz”.

Rate 6 396 UAH will be applied for industrial consumers who consume from 50 thousand cubic meters a month if no debt for gas on a prepayment basis.