Nutritionists told me how to eat vegetables

Nutritionists around the world agree that vegetables are healthier in the second half of the day in raw form, but also there are products that are useful in cooked form. It’s in the matrix tissue, which has thick walls and during digestion is not always destroyed, writes “Orthodox”.

The case, for example, about the carrot, the source of beta-carotene. Eating raw vegetable, we receive 5% of this substance and the cooked – 20%. The same applies to tomatoes. The lycopene so that it is better absorbed after heat treatment. After heat treatment of the bow, it increases the amount of selenium, lutein, choline.

After cooking the spinach man receives 25% more carotenoids than the raw vegetable, and calcium is many times more. The magnificent properties of cooked beets, which becomes useful after cooking.