Who renamed Prospekt Vatutina Avenue Shukhevych?

69 deputies of the Kyiv city Council, led by Vitaly Klitschko took shameful for Ukraine solution. To rename the Avenue named in honor of General liberator of Kiev from the Nazis, and give it the name of a small Nazi henchman, I think, hauptsturmführer (SS minor title) Shukhevych. Not a single vote against.

But who are these thugs have chosen to the city Council? Who voted for the discoverer toilets Klitschko? The people of Kiev. So, for the most part they have supported the neo-Nazis, radical nationalists. It is a bitter truth.

These people came to the Maidan and helped Bandera bloody coup. They plunged the whole country into a bloody turmoil. And that’s why they lost the moral right to be the capital of Ukraine.

Can’t the Ukrainian capital, the streets bear the names of SS executioners and criminals.