Helsingin Uutiset (Finland): Ville Haapasalo is going to open a bakery in Helsinki

Who’s fussing with the hat in this heat? In the rain and frost, actor Ville Haapasalo (Ville Haapasalo) sells in the center of the Finnish municipality of Puumala Georgian pastries — khachapuri.

“225 grams of cheese. 225 grams of test with colostrum, whipped cream and butter. All that people need,” says Haapasalo.

Because of the coronavirus actor Ville Haapasalo in Russia and Finland paused. So he had to change the scope of activities.

He bakes khachapuri himself and very offended by the question, “is It you’re in a bakery bought?”.

Haapasalo opened a bakery in the municipality of Puumala in a former fish processing plant. The products of the bakery quickly became popular, and the company has hired six more employees.

Over the summer, the bakery planned to sell five thousand khachapuri is probably a goal set yourself Haapasalo. The goal was achieved a week ago — just two and a half weeks of work. And still the whole summer ahead!

“Today, too, there was a queue, despite the rain and strong wind. Yesterday my working day lasted 19.5 hours,” says Haapasalo.

The actor has obviously lost some weight. How many took off?

“In this rush I don’t have time to stand on the scales — well, if the mirror turns out to have a look”.

Five years ago, Haapasalo published the book “Journey through the tastes of Georgia” (Makujen matka — Georgia). Four years ago in cooperation with the Restamax group (now NoHo Partners) he opened in the former premises of restaurant Chez Dominique Georgian restaurant Purpur.

“Yes, I have a restaurant, but the pastries I knew nothing. I have studied this issue thanks to the amazing Internet world. Should thank the authors of the theses about the baking industry”.

Ville Haapasalo says that long experimented with different dough, baking time — in General, I tried various options. Was not one month before it turned out the first version of khachapuri, suitable for sale — and this recipe too later corrected.

“This recipe combines tradition and innovation. My personal experience and the experience of others. Helped me a little. Because there are people much more experienced than me.”

In the heat of the Georgian mineral water “Borzhomi” also has the taste of the customers, most of them come from the capital region on vacation.

On the opening hachapuri in Helsinki Ville Haapasalo has already held the first meeting.

Address hachapuri and bakeries until he calls — as well as your possible partner in this business.

“It all depends on the permissions,” says Haapasalo.

Ville Haapasalo is absolutely sure of two things.

When the summer ends, a bakery in the municipality of Puumala remain. In winter there live only two thousand people, in the summer ten times more.

“There must be in Puumala own bakery. The bakery provides the community work. It would be foolish to close it”.

“I’m an incredible optimist. I have big plans.”

The second aspect, in which I am sure Haapasalo — pastry must be handmade.

“It is handmade. Baking khachapuri cannot be automated”.

“Raw is also impossible to save,” says Haapasalo.