Ukraine and drugs: as the country buys medications and how to find out about their presence in hospitals

Due to untimely procurement in 2014, Ukraine began to be supplied medicines and vaccines with a delay of a year, and in the country’s hospitals have no medicines. In 2015, the medical facility had received medication for the needs of 2014 and last year on the orders of 2015. In June 2015 the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law on transmission of drug procurement to international organizations: UNICEF, UNDP, Crown Agents, in the same year, international procurement, earned in part, and from 2016 the government no longer bought drugs on their own. The purchases began to “catch up” your life. At the end of 2016, the Agency held a tender for budget 2016, and in April of this year, will begin procurement budget 2017. From 2018 Ukraine will begin to purchase medications year to year. The website “Today” has learned that will be with the public procurement of medicines and how to know whether they are in hospitals.

When Ukraine will purchase medicines on time

In April of this year, the Ministry of health will conduct the procurement of medicines at budget in 2017. Regarding the delivery time for procurement in 2016 acting head of the Ministry Suprun said: “the autumn of the medicine will be delivered”. According to her, many drugs the Ministry of health can not accept immediately, as some of them have a shelf-life of 60-100 days.

The Executive Director of the charitable Foundation “Patients of Ukraine,” says Olga Stefanyshyna, the manufacturing process of vaccines is long, some is produced within 1-2 years. The country will overtake purchases, when you begin to order medications for three years forward.

The health Ministry is already preparing for the 2018 year, Ukraine will gradually purchase medicines through its georganization, and in 2019 to move to a private purchasing 100%..

“We go to Ukraine to have its own organization, which will deal with public procurement. Already have a written Charter, picked up a group of people who will work there, and have an understanding of how everything will function. All this is now being discussed. An organization is created through the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. This year we are completing it, recruit people, and so they began to work, now they are trained,” said Suprun.

According to her, in 2018, the national Agency will start procurement for the three programs. Once in Ukraine will start working the e-health system for 2017-2018 – Nationsto will hold medications for 2-3 years is allowed to buy medicines at lower prices.

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How to find out if hospitals free medicines

According to the study “the health Index. Ukraine – 2016”, only 17% of Ukrainians who prescribe medication in-patient treatment received free medication, the others bought medicines on their own. The average for medication at the hospital , the Ukrainians spend 3000 UAH.

Ulyana Suprun admits that the hospital hiding from patients the drugs that are purchased at public expense and sell them at the pharmacy, which is often in the very same hospital.

“There is a problem when the drugs purchased over the government there, and the patients themselves buy them in pharmacies located in hospitals,” said Suprun.

Hospitals often do not disclose patient information about the availability of free drugs, and sent to the pharmacy. Photo: S. Nikolaev, “Today.”

In 2016, the Ministry of health ordered hospitals to inform the public about the availability of drugs purchased for the state money, in accordance with order No. 509 “On the implementation of measures to control the use of medicines and medical products purchased for the budget”. Now hospitals are obliged to place the medication on the sites and on a weekly basis to update the list.

“We demand publicly – or on the website or in the hospital to post information about what medicines are available. Patients may require chief doctors in hospitals to show the list of medicines”, – said Suprun.

After the system will work e-health E-Health, all information received and issued to hospitals drugs will be located on a single resource. The Ministry of health noted, after the launch of the system of procurement of drugs to meet the needs. Besides, when the register of patients will be clear, than suffer the Ukrainians and what medication you need to buy. For example, now there is no exact data how many patients with cardiovascular diseases

If the hospital is no information about the presence of drugs, the patient can send a request to the physician or to the state regional administration. The presence in hospital of drugs for cancer patients can be checked on the website

Also the rest of the drugs in the hospital, you can check on the resource Information on the site is relevant to the residents of Rivne, Odesa, in part, to Kyiv, Khmelnytskyi, Sumy and Luhansk regions.

Actually responsible for the availability of drugs – the health departments of the state administration.

“First, the international organization delivers medicines to the Ukrainian customs, where they are the state organization of the Ministry of health. Two of them: “Ukrvaktsina” and “Ukrmedpostach”. They have to order the regional allocations from the Ministry of health is continuing from three to five days. Then the drugs are delivered to areas, but not in the hospital and in the regional state administration. Yeah then distribute them to hospitals. The whole process takes about two weeks,” – says Olga Stefanyshyna process.