What are the dangers of nepotism trump for Ukraine

The appointment of Ivanka trump adviser to the us President confirmed the tendency of the tramp to carry the features of a family business in politics. Now the team of Donald trump two of his family members. By itself, this fact is not a crime and hardly carries to trump serious danger. Another thing is that his success in office can affect business relationships close trump, the ongoing investigation and the fact that trump continues to shock American society, breaking all the rules.

USA as a family business

Donald trump was not limited to the appointment of a senior adviser to his son-in-law Jared Kushner. Following the businessman to the Oval office and approached his eldest daughter Ivanka, wife Kouchner. She decided to take the official post of adviser to the President after criticism related to the fact that she would advise an American President. In this post Ivanka trump will not get paid. So accurate a repetition of history with received wages of wife and children of the candidate in presidents of France Francois Fillon impossible.

All ethical standards set forth for civil servants, Ivanka trump will have to comply, said at the White house. The President’s daughter has already attended the meeting of Donald trump with the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau during the official visit of Angela Merkel. Then the Chancellor of Germany, according to the American media, invited Ivanka to an economic summit W20 in Berlin, dedicated to the economic empowerment of women. It will be held in late April.

From Ivanka trump will have a personal office in the West wing of the White house where the Oval office and access to classified information. Senate Democrats sent a letter to the Federal office of government ethics: they are concerned about a possible conflict of interest between the work of Ivanka trump adviser and its business activities. In the Senate want to answer is whether the President’s daughter to transfer to independent control of their business assets, or it is necessary to deprive certain state functions.

Conflict of interest possible in the case of Kouchner. Millionaire from a family of Belarusian Jews were doing, like trump, business in the real estate market. The American President before the inauguration gave family business management and more than 400 companies and enterprises — his eldest sons Donald (don) and Eric. Trump chose the soft way: did not go on sale of assets “for a song”, their transfer to an independent trust, but refused to sign a business Empire, the Trump Organization transactions abroad at the time of the presidency. Ivanka trump also only left his position of Vice President in the Trump Organization and seceded from his company, which produces clothing and jewelry. This approach has been criticized in the management of ethics, since it means the preservation of the right of ownership to the company and the right to benefit from them.

The absurd situation arose in February. American retailer Nordstrom discontinued the sales of products under the brand of Ivanka trump, explaining the poor sales. Then American President criticized Nordstrom first in personal and then in the presidential Twitter, thereby allegedly violating the law of 1933 prohibiting public servants to promote the business interests of relatives and friends. Later Advisor to the President of Kellyann Conway in an interview with Fox News advertised a clothing line Ivanka, urging the audience to go out and buy.

Will there be consequences

Meanwhile, according to U.S. media reports, trump listens to the advice of Ivanka and Jared. At their request he has made changes in the text of the presidential decree on environmental problems: were seized all critical theses on the Paris agreement to combat climate change, which trump promised to withdraw. Trump’s desire to surround himself with family members and in the White house is clear: after all, he tends to trust first and foremost loved ones, and those politicians who voted in support of it — so Ministers trump were just a few people. This is especially important in the face of constant leakage of information when something out of the White house leaks to the media.

In American history there have been examples of involvement of families in politics. First and foremost, of course, I remember a couple of Clinton. In the last election a chance to compete with Hillary Clinton had a “third Bush” — Jeb Bush. But he failed to win in Republican primaries. And of course, then his intention to become President was perceived in the spirit of “this family has had enough”. The harm to the image of the Clintons struck a notorious Fund, could be repeated in the case of trump, if his companies will pull shady deals.

There are other examples of families in power: in 1960, when John Kennedy became President, his brother Robert took the position of attorney General and Minister of justice. Another brother, Edward, Senator. Later, after the assassinations of John and Robert, the family took a much less important positions. Dynasty Roosevelt gave America two presidents — Theodore and Franklin Delano. Two sons, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a congressmen. Also there were two presidents Adams and two in the Harrison.

Nevertheless, it is clear that the U.S. is not accepted to bring to the White house polselli. But try to undermine! Almost certainly, even from the point of view of most us congressmen, the attraction of the trump family members to governance may be a violation only from the point of view of ethics. Their attitude to this “lengthy” philosophical discipline trump repeatedly demonstrated earlier indirect — through their actions and statements. Family outing trump to power may hold for the us President is really a serious danger, perhaps only in the case if you find its relationship with Russia. American intelligence agencies, as you know, investigating this case.

As said in the comments “Apostrophe” americanist, Professor of the Kiev Institute of international relations Sergei Galaka, the appointment of a tramp her daughter became more of an ethical violation on his part.

“The United States traditionally try to avoid such situations. Moreover, he also Ivanka was appointed to the civil service, this means that it will have the right clearances to classified materials. This goes beyond the usual standard of ethics for the political elite of the USA. But the reason for impeachment is unlikely. It’s not that big lead. Direct crime such appointments will be hard to find,” explained Galaka.

From his point of view, much more important than what happens in the Senate and House of representatives, where the intelligence Committee in investigating possible relationships trump and his team of Russian officials, as well as looking for signs of Russian meddling in the American presidential election. “This can cause serious problems in relations with the Senate, the press will play along. And if there’s something I dig, you will need to seek some legal pretexts for further action,” — says americanist.

The expert of Fund “Maidan foreign Affairs” Oleg Belokolos noted that every American President, if you look at this institution brings to the White house something. But while trump does not perceive criticism as something serious.

“He perceives it as jealousy “losers”. He attention to it while not paying. But it can’t last long. Trump is inserted under some criticism, perhaps even something flaunting. And sooner or later the shaft of these critical arrows in his address will start to get a little trump. It seems to me, a little not serious about public opinion, and it may ultimately be very hard to turn against him” — fears a diplomat.

There is now, according to Spike, even normal for the US consensus between Democrats and Republicans on most major foreign policy issues. This and the continuing investigation, regardless of their result, can sooner or later weaken the administration, including in the international arena. And it will hit even on the Ukrainian interests, playing into the hands of Russia, concluded the international.