Coronavirus in France claimed nearly 27 thousand of lives

In hospitals in France is 21 595 patients with coronavirus

The number of victims of coronavirus in France, where the extended state of emergency, increased to 26 991, and, at the day he died 348 people. This informs the Department of health of the country.

With about 17 thousand deaths registered in hospitals, the rest in nursing homes and other medical and social institutions.

Also in hospitals is now 21 595 patients with coronavirus. In the last 24 hours recovered 689 people.

Adding that reduced the number in intensive care units. But 2 542 patient continue to receive assistance in intensive care. Most are hospitalized in medical institutions of the regions Ile-de-France, Grand-est, Auvergne — rhône — Alpes and eau-de-France.

Since the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus in France 140 227 confirmed cases of infection, during the day, their number increased to 708. Almost 58 thousand people infected with the new pneumonia was cured and was able to leave the hospital.

Earlier it was reported that in France discovered a new source of infections COVID-19.