The Russians bombarded with insults Instagram’s most beautiful women

Czech biathlete Gabriela Soukalova on Friday said the need for removal of Russian national team on biathlon from international competitions. “When people and teams do not respect international anti-doping rules, they do not have to compete with us. It’s hard for me to explain it in English, but we should talk about the team, where too many athletes were caught for doping,” said Koukalova. “I have some information about it, but I think that the financial penalties for this command are insufficient,” added Koukalova.

Recall that Koukalova is the leader of our poll for the title of most beautiful women.

Miss biathlon: choose the most beautiful athlete (photo)

After these words, the Russian fans flooded Instagram sportswomen insults. Here are some of the most decent:

“Just rudeness is not the word. Frankly – scum. Forward Russia!”

“The prosecution is very disgusting on your part. In Russia it is better not to come back never”

“Fuuuuu coward zassala Yes against mother Russia”

“Disgusting, you nasty!! Never come to Russia you stupid wench and just know that puppies daub strahlungen”

“Terrible terrible”

“They in world war II and the first collaborators was the bastard she’s the last”

“This will cancel, the following will be whistling at trubuna you provided. From whom, from whom, and the Czechs, I felt the brotherly people”