Three years of annexation: Crimeans abuse rates, I’m afraid to like the news and waiting for the collapse of Russia

Three years have passed since that day, as the Ukrainian Crimea “officially” occupied by Russia. We will remind, on March 16, 2014 the Peninsula was unrecognized in the world “referendum” on joining Russia, and already the 18th, Putin introduced it in Russia. Now in the Crimea complain of high prices and the terror of Pro-Ukrainian sentiments. “Today” talked to the displaced and those who remained to live on the Peninsula.

Just in the past three years, according to conservative estimates, the Peninsula left at least 60 thousand people. Activists and volunteers say that now this process is continuing, albeit on a smaller scale. “Mass migration is not necessary to say this, but people continue to leave. For example, those who went in 2014, but still ready to move. Indeed, many worked in the civil service and are not willing to work for the occupiers. Leaves small and medium businesses, travel and repression against Pro-Ukrainian people”, — says the coordinator of the organization “Crimea SOS” Tamila tasheva.

Krymchanin, and now the capital owner is Irfan of Kutusov arrived in Kiev on 1 March 2014. “Fled to nowhere. There was no housing, job, too. About a year and was in search of, only then get to open the art-salon of the Crimean Tatar culture — says erfan zeneli. — At first helping ordinary people and volunteers. And recently the state is, fortunately, beginning to allocate money to settlers, but while the money is not enough.” Krymchanin said that the struggle for the return of Crimea to Ukraine is still ongoing. “We all do. How? Rallies, demonstrations, appeals to international organizations. The return of the Crimea is possible only after de-occupation”.

We talked with those who left to live on the Peninsula. The majority of the Crimean people tend not to understand the political consequences of annexation. But at the household level, people complain about high prices and lack of earnings in the holiday season. “I don’t want to delve into politics, but I will say that during this time has been through a lot. The hardest part is the prices of products and tariffs on “communal”. Everything is more expensive. And the tourists do not want to go — told us the resident of Sevastopol Marina Kushtan (the surname is changed. — Ed.). — If you had my friends in the holiday season stood at the train station and just touted the vacationers, now in advance call up their former guests, offering early booking of accommodation. The invasion of tourists, no one is waiting — this year they will be even less.” The Marina says that did not leave Crimea, only because is afraid of losing forever their homes on the Peninsula.

We surveyed Crimeans who maintain contact with family in the occupied territories, told us what other “benefits” brought to them “the Crimean spring”. “My relatives joking bitterly that they have become “new Russian”, but often sit without light. In many regions of the Crimea light and water on a schedule a few hours a day. For example, in villages in the vicinity of Yalta. Most water problems in the North of the Crimea”, — said the former resident of Simferopol, now a resident of Kiev Yuri Bezludko (the surname is changed. — Ed.). Erfan zeneli of Kutuzov says that the complexity is not only with light and water but also health. “There are huge problems with the medicine. In the Crimea an acute shortage of qualified doctors.

For example, the ultrasound people recorded in a month or two to get this service”. Another migrant, a native of Simferopol Ivan he said that Russian special services actively hunt for Pro-Ukrainian-minded residents of the Crimea, and they are willing to help many local residents. “My relatives in the Crimea are afraid to put an extra like in social networks under Pro-Ukrainian news. Because the first can come even intelligence agencies, and “cotton” neighbors who you can take who need. Here is the entire life.” Alas, the number of people who, despite the economic difficulties, continue to celebrate the annexation of the Crimea, is still great. “We’re home for just three years back — you just need to be patient”, — told us the resident of Yalta Irina P.

Politicians: the problem for decades

Forecasts of analysts are not too optimistic. “I believe that this problem for decades — said political analyst Taras Berezovets. And the problem is not Putin and the Russian political system. Anyone who will replace him, will be forced to continue the so-called “Crimean consensus”. That is, “you will be worse off, but we are expanding our territory.” A prerequisite for such a consensus no.” However, according to Berezovets, the return of the Crimea exist. “For example, the emergence of civil conflict in the Russian Federation. In this case, Russia will not to the Crimea, and Ukraine will try to return it. Second option: if Russia because of the difficult situation will have to request the lifting of sanctions, under the UN auspices can be decided on the withdrawal of Russian troops. And third: Crimea is a territory of joint management. For example, as the Polish city of gdańsk (after the First world war they were ruled by the League of Nations)”. His colleague, Vadim Karasev, does not exclude the fact that the return of Crimea could happen in case of a fall of the Putin regime in Russia.