The calculation of pensions in new ways and the e-employment record: in Pensfond told about the coming change

Pension Fund (PF) plan to all pensioners to issue the electronic certificate and working Ukrainians – electronic work books. Paperwork, noted in the Department, only complicates the work. The website “Today” figured out how to change the life of Ukrainians after the innovations of the PF.

Electronic work book

The pension Fund is preparing to launch electronic employment record: on the Internet you can trace the career of every Ukrainian to know the amount of wages, number of jobs and so on. “Any paper document can be falsified, if it is an electronic document – this would be impossible. Will simplify the communication with the employer”, – said the Chairman of the Board PF Oleksiy Zarudny.

The system will create on the basis of the register of insured persons, which already has information on the acceptance and dismissal. The next step is to complement the database with missing information and run the service “e-work book”. After that, the Ukrainians will be able to get help on workplace online. In addition, the electronic labor book will help to get a loan if the Bank requires a certificate of place of work.

Labor e-book will simplify the work and personnel departments. However, some experts fear that the electronic version of the employment will not be enough information. “Now in the book you can see what charges were dismissed employee. Sometimes it can be a basis to refuse to cooperate with the applicant. If there will be given this information – there are no disadvantages of electronic employment record, I do not see. Now, when the owner of the paper, no one is stopping after every job to “lose” the book and start a new one. With the electronic version it is impossible”, – tells the employee of the personnel Department of a large enterprise Irina.

“Now in the book you can see what charges were dismissed employee. Sometimes it can be a basis to refuse to cooperate with the applicant. If there will be given this information – there are no disadvantages of electronic employment record, I do not see”, – tells the employee of the personnel Department.

As said Oleksiy Zarudny, at the moment PF is preparing the necessary regulatory framework for the launch of electronic work books. “I think in the second half of the year we will finish this process”, – says the Chairman of PF. By the way, electronic labor books in Ukraine, planned for launch in 2006, however, the reform is started and failed.

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Pension certificate, according to the plan of PF, also “go online”. Now e-certificates were retired only the numbers of immigrants. They contain a digital signature, this allows to documents on the web portals of the government. Electronic identity online will allow you to view information about the size of pensions, insurance experience, etc. In the future pensioners will receive an SMS on the day of pension. “Individual media (SMS & email – ed.), the retiree will indicate what documents need to bring, what has changed in pension legislation”, – told in the Pension Fund.

E-pension schemes will significantly reduce the process of registration of pensions. If in paper form it had to spend up to ten business days, after the innovation on the design of the case takes about half an hour.

Electronic ID cards also will not allow the loss and possible falsification of pension cases.

How to check pensioners

Last year, the Ministry of Finance has started the process of large-scale verification of all recipients of social welfare, including pensioners. By results of check of the Ministry of Finance has recommended to suspend the payment of 490 thousand pensions (due to the loss of documents, incorrect registration number, etc.). PF recommendations reviewed, 59 Ukrainians pensions abolished. Violations in the other cases noted in the Fund, was not confirmed.

“Verification is now an established process. It operates on a continuous basis – detect of fraud and error in the social sphere. At the failure of the citizen to the criteria for granting assistance – information about violation is sent to the managers of funds in the social sector (Ministry of social policy, Pension Fund, social insurance funds, etc.) with the recommendation to stop paying,” he responded to the request “Segodnia” the Ministry of Finance.

There are several challenges: the Pension Fund is unable to submit a list of pensioners who were working in the migration service, security service etc, as it violates the law.

Internal audit conducts himself Penyanyi Fund. According to the results of a study last year found 5.9 per thousand of financial violations for total amount of 19.4 million (last year by 20.4 million hryvnia).

What will happen to pensions in 2017

The average pension in 2017 will grow to 2001,4 the hryvnia, according to the Ministry of Finance. Five million pensioners can receive a bonus an average of 300 hryvnia (so-called modernity). It will hold, as noted by Deputy Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko, only if PF will greatly exceed the revenue part of the budget.

In addition, this year also will be indexed by 10.1% – the minimum pension will grow from 1247 to 1400 hryvnias. However, pensions will rise for all. So, indexation will not apply to pensioners who receive more than the minimum pension (currently 1247 UAH) and continue to work. In addition, for those who receive 1300 hryvnia, Ukrainians pensions in 5000 hryvnia indexing of 10.1% means a boost of approximately 125 USD (10.1 percent of the minimum pension). Moreover, payments will not increase for those who have they are not tied to the subsistence level (civil servants, journalists, scientists, etc.).

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At the moment the Pension Fund is not enough equity (the Fund is replenished at the expense of unified social contribution in the amount of 22% of salary) even to pay relatively low pensions. Last year “hole” in the budget of PF amounted to 145 billion hryvnia, and this year will be at 141 billion. According to Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman, the deficit can be eliminated only by 2024.

“The pension Fund deficit is equal to almost 50%. So the pension system can not work, given the fact that 80% of Ukrainian pensioners are on the minimum pension. We must change this system, to provide a system that is fair to working people, and it would mean that, according to our calculations, this system by 2024 could become completely self-sufficient and balanced,” – said the Prime Minister.