How to strengthen a muscular corset: 6 simple and effective exercises

Postural or “anti-gravity” muscles is one of the most important parts of the muscular system of man. Their tone helps to maintain the upright position of the body, resisting the force of gravity. Thanks to them, we can smoothly stand, walk, sit with a straight back. This group includes not only the back muscles, as pleasant to consider but the muscles on the anterior surface of the body. Mainly the rectus abdominis.

Imagine that you have a very strong back muscles, but it is a very relaxed stomach. The back muscles will “pull” the entire body, the lower back will strain a back muscles to come to an even greater spasm, trying to keep the body upright. So in the maintenance of the spine the abdominal muscles play an equally important role than the back muscles. Strengthening them, you evenly distribute the load in the body. This will help a set of exercises from the rehabilitation clinic of osteopathy doctor Ogarko Victoria Lapko. For balanced classes, you can connect the exercises to strengthen the back — for example, wait a few minutes in the bar.


Starting POSITION: sitting on the buttocks with a straight back, legs straight in knees on the floor, arms along the body, palms on the floor.

EXECUTION: get just a back case, keeping the back straight. At some point you will feel like strained abdominal muscles. At this point stop and raise your legs above the floor. Bend them at the knees, pull your thigh closer to the abdomen. Raise your hands to the shoulders, expand the palms inward.

TUNING: ensure that the spine was straight. The farther away the legs from the stomach and the more straightened knees, the more tense the muscles of the abdomen and thighs — you can adjust the level of the load. Breathe deeply and smoothly.

Stay in this position for 30 seconds. up to 1.5 min.


Starting POSITION: lying on your back, arms along the body.

EXECUTION: inhale take the hands behind your head, exhale and push the top arms up, lifting from the floor, only shoulders and shoulder blades, on the inhale, return to I. p.

DETUNING: try to stretch out the shoulder girdle, head and hands in one vertical.
The harder you push yourself up, the better strain the abdominal muscles.

Perform 10 to 20 repetitions.


Starting POSITION: lying on your back, arms along the body.

EXECUTION: inhale take the hands behind the head, on the exhale, push the hands along the body, lifting above the floor of the back.

TUNING: pushing the hands along the legs, pripodnimaet higher than in the previous exercise. Lower back abdomen is pressed against the floor. Strongly press your palms to face each other: it will help to strengthen the muscles of the thoracic.

Perform 10 to 20 repetitions.


Starting POSITION: lying on the floor, palms together in the castle and put together in such a way under the back of the head. Feet lift off the floor, bend at the hips and the knees at a 90 degree angle.

EXECUTION: exhale to straighten the right leg along the floor, lift the case and try to get the right elbow to the left knee. On the inhale return to starting position. On the next exhalation, repeat the same movement on the other side.

TUNING: very important — do not pull knee to elbow, and elbow to knee. Pripodnimaet as high as possible and well proctocolitis body.

Make 10 to 20 times in each direction.


Starting POSITION: kneeling, knees on the width of the pelvis, arms along the body.

EXECUTION: exhale and lean back housing. Extend hands in front of him, palms inward expand. After expiration, make a short breath-hold, remaining in this position. On the inhale, return to I. p.

TUNING: the Back must remain straight as a plank. The more you lean back, the more tense the muscles at the front surface of the body. Including muscles of the hips, abdominal and even thoracic.

Make 10 to 20 of these repetitions.


Starting POSITION: sitting on the buttocks with a straight back. Hands together into fists and put the emphasis on both sides of the pelvis.

EXECUTION: push off with his fists from the floor and lift the pelvis off the floor. Above the floor lift your left leg. Hold on weight.

TUNING: the back is straight. Feel how tense your abdominal muscles and hips. Same exercise again with your right foot.

Each leg hold the weight for at least 30 seconds. If this is difficult, you can do several approaches, holding each leg for 10-20-30 seconds.