Russia goes on! Are we ready?

I am sure that in a month or two I’ll put it here this article by updating it. Why? Because the topic is very important! Because this topic is the agenda for the coming months!

While we focused, on the one hand, by referendum, on the other — on hostility to Turkey, growing within the EU, in our region there are interesting events.

Putin quietly allows himself more and goes on. The globalists believe that they are driving Russia into a corner, but our neighbor to the North almost every day makes a new decisive moves.

Can you imagine? Military base in Egypt, even a kind of intervention — that’s what the rabbit got the Russian hat!

The world noticed the situation only three days ago. Russian permanent military transfer to this the Soviet-era base at the distance of 95 kilometers from the Libyan border.

Moreover, another event somehow changes our moves. Our decision to acquire missiles s-400, which was officially announced yesterday, will not be integrated in the defensive system of NATO, of course, not the only step associated with our safety. Russia therefore will be able to break into military concept and technology of NATO.

In this case, we have a more serious talk about Russia and try to understand it. The bad thing is that it is absolutely not prepared, as can be seen in the discussions on the TV channels. Neither our academic community, nor the media.

Obviously our liberals, leftists and other does not pay attention to Putin and the conservatives believed that “cost is a cliché, because either way, the process of becoming a Russian player too move forward.”

What Putin said in 2002? “The culture of Russia connects it with the European civilization.” Is it really so? No! Because Russian culture and the idea was implicated in the test of the struggle with Europe but more about that in our intellectual environment, almost do not know.

In my opinion, in Putin’s first term was dominated by the strategy of “calm”. When the West “woke up”, came in 2010. As you know, this time Russia began to look down with sanctions, threats, blackmail.


I think the key lies in the speech of Putin on may 7, 2012. It contains theses, which must be constantly kept in mind in the coming days, months, years: “We’ve been through a long and difficult path, believe in themselves, in their power, strengthened the country, regained the dignity of a great nation, the world saw the revival of Russia (…) the Coming years will be decisive for Russia’s destiny. In the twenty-first century, our national priorities first”.