Ukrainians have become more wary of inflation and unemployment, GfK Ukraine

Consumer sentiment in Ukraine in July decreased by 0.8 points compared to June and amounted to 58.5. This was reported in the study of GfK Ukraine.

The greatest change in the index of devaluation expectations. It increased by 10.8 points to values 144,4. In July, it also increased the index of inflation expectations – by 2.9 points to 186.

Ukrainians ‘ expectations for unemployment also deteriorated: the ratio amounted to 140,7, which is 8.9 points higher than last month.

“The July decline in consumer confidence of Ukrainians in comparison with June is not significant, so we can talk about stability index in the last three months. Significant changes occurred in the index of devaluation expectations is probably the increase of this index is a response to the rise of the Euro. However, increased inflationary expectations”, as GfK Ukraine analysts comment.

The current conditions index rose 1.3 point and is 53,6:

  • the index of current personal financial situation was 47.2, which is 0.2 points lower than in June.
  • the index of appropriateness of major purchases increased by 2.9 Punta and set at 59.9 per.


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The index of economic expectations at the same time, decreased by 2.3 points and amounted to 61.8 in July. The dynamics of the components of the index looks like this:

  • the index of expected changes in personal financial situation decreased by 2.5 points compared to last month and is 60;
  • the index of expected economic development of the country over the next year declined by 2.9 p. and amounted to 55.6;
  • the index of expected economic development of the country over the next 5 years is 69.9 per, which is 1.5 points lower than last month.

Recall that inflation in Ukraine in July slowed compared to June 2017, but rose in annual terms (month to month). So, if in June-2017 June-2016 price growth was 15.6%, in July – already at 15.9%.