Groisman: NATO claim that they fully support Ukraine

NATO fully understand and support Ukraine. This was announced by Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman, transfers TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“Today was a fruitful meeting with the acting Secretary-General. We discussed bilateral relations. I want to emphasize, I heard a very clear message that the Alliance fully supports Ukraine, there are two different opinions about this, and all 28 member countries fully clearly commented in support of Ukraine and understand the processes that occur in the country. We have identified a number of new questions that can be expanded in our cooperation, for example, the issue of more substantial support of the SES,” – said Groisman.

He added: “We discussed the events that occurred in the East (of Ukraine – ed.), shelling of the Town. … SES is an important point of internal security, so we discussed that we can increase our cooperation in this area, training of our military, plus work with trust funds which in the framework of our cooperation provide technical support to Ukraine. I mean, I was satisfied with this meeting. I think, today, through NATO, all very clearly indicate that the support, you know.”

Recall, Ukraine is in Brussels to visit. In the framework of the visit the Prime Minister met with the Deputy Secretary General of NATO, rose Gottemoeller. According to her, NATO unanimously and continuously supports Ukraine.

We will note, Ukraine intends to bring its armed forces up to NATO standards by 2020.

Meanwhile, media reported that the Cabinet is preparing for the approval of the program of reforming the MIC for the next few years. The program should be the basis of implementation of the Strategic defense Bulletin is sort of the action Plan on Ukraine’s membership in NATO.