What is the history of the “electron gun” which shot down an Israeli plane over Quneitra?

Over the past two days there have been two very important events that cannot be ignored when predicting the future of the Syrian crisis.

The first is that on Tuesday the Syrian air defense downed an Israeli drone in the southern province of Quneitra in Syria.

The second event is that on the same day U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres that Russia will determine the fate of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, that is, he will remain in power or not.

The first event indicates the beginning of a strategic change in the balance of forces on the Israeli-Syrian front, while the second reflects changes in the political position of the United States towards the conflict, which has lasted for more than six years. In particular, we are talking about what the current US administration refuses requirements, which have repeatedly stated the need for the departure of Bashar al-Assad to resign, passing, thus, without any hesitation, the victory of the Russian-Iranian-Syrian Alliance.


The Syrian government has long suffered raids by Israeli aircraft, the purpose of which was controlled by the regime military sites in Quneitra province. In turn, the destruction of the latter in the interests of Israel, which had thus supported some parts of the Syrian armed opposition. However, in recent days the Syrian side gave a warning that next time she will react quite differently. Despite this, some opponents of the regime did not take these warnings seriously.

The Israeli planes were shot down on Tuesday, just after they entered Syrian airspace and fired missiles at military targets. Thus, the Syrian leadership has demonstrated how serious his warning, and a game changer that will put an end to the arrogance of the Israeli side.

Russia, as evidenced by this incident, decided to provide the Syrian ally of the “electron gun” that can incapacitate the Israeli aircraft, which in turn leads to their downfall. According to “Russian newspaper”, the new models of this “electron gun” can be installed on armored cars. In addition, it has a large number of antennas, with which you can follow modern Israeli planes made of plastic. Thus, these guns are equipped with more sophisticated devices than traditional radar.

Our paper Ar Rai Al Youm does not exclude the fact that the Russian leadership took a number of other bold decisions, including in terms of equipment the Syrian system ground and air defense s-300 missiles to confront any Israeli military aircraft attempting to enter Syrian airspace and strike targets deep in Syrian territory, as it was the place to be in recent years. These missiles can shoot down even American aircraft, if they try to commit aggression against Syrian aircraft or parts of the government army.

The Russian leadership, giving its Syrian ally such advanced “electron gun” probably wanted to send a double message to the Israeli occupiers and their American ally that any aggression against the Syrian forces and their allies will be given a strong resistance.


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You will take the country into consideration is a message, are they able to understand its content well enough to stop the aggression against Syria?

Judging by the statement, Tillerson, in which he said that the fate of President Assad is in the hands of Russia and that the priorities of America in Syria are limited to the fight against “Islamic state” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.), the message has reached the addressee. As air strikes by Israel, the purpose of which would be the Syrian rear, stopped. So, all the warnings were taken seriously.