Career guidance camps for children: what to teach and how much it will cost

Country summer camps, where children can just rest and relax, has to compete with the subject (often urban). The last bet on the development of some skills. Their advantages include a career guidance component: schoolboy during the holidays to understand whether he likes this or that profession. “Today,” found out what I propose to teach and how much it will cost.


Outdoor games in the fresh air — it’s business as usual. And focus on the sport in General — is the specificity of the camp. From sports offers you can find: swimming classes, lessons, table tennis, visit to fight club, a course of lessons on the ski simulator, riding a wakeboard and water skis, training acrobatics on the trampoline, etc. Almost all sport camps are offered to try yourself in the role of Pathfinder in the nature or detective game quest. This program offers a network of fitness clubs of Sportlife (but only for “their” parties, children’s club), summer camp in the city of professions KidsWill, camp Sunny HANDs, “the Chestnut-sports” etc. the age of the children, mostly from 6 to 13 years, they provide lunch and/or snack. The price starts from 150-220 UAH/day, 5-7 days package is 600-1000 UAH, change (2 weeks) — 1600-3600 UAH.


If your child loves to cook and dreams of becoming a chef — it makes sense to send him to a summer cooking school. There he will teach not only to make Breakfast, to twist the land, to make lasagna and jam, but also to understand the quality of the products and to know where is best to buy. Of course, young chefs will not be hungry, and still learn a lot about food, toured the world in the kitchen Ukraine, Italy, France, America, India, Japan and Israel etc. is Focused on learning for young cooks kids culinary camp in the Studio “kartata Potata”, developing urban summer camp “European Express”, Mini chef (Odessa) and others. Prices on such children’s holidays range from 450 UAH/day up to 4.5 thousand UAH per shift (14 days). The age of the children mainly from 6 to 13, but the curators say that they can accept into the camp of guys younger and older.


Most of the camps in Ukraine, offering to learn crafts (sculpting, polymer clay, stained glass painting, quilling, sewing, felting, etc.). Or will offer to combine creativity with scientific and entertainment activities. For example, at the Kiev science and technology Museum “Experimentanium”, scientific camps “Hullabaloo”, “the gay science”, etc. to children will tell about electricity, about how the music makes the Tesla coil, shows experiments, inventions, physical and chemical transformations, etc. If your child is promising in IT — it will be interesting in the Metropolitan summer camp Boteon, to learn how robotics and programming, and if the child is a young biologist or an astronomer, like him in the camp of “Papaya”, where the first introduces with “chelovekami”, and the second with the structure of the Universe, black holes, the threats to the planet Earth etc This leisure will appreciate the children from 10 to 14 years, though younger can take. There are day camps, where payment per day of stay (from 200 UAH/day), and there is camp accommodation where basically you pay for the entire shift (from 1.8 to 7.5 thousand UAH). In the first and in the second case the power is turned on.


Summer school, where they teach young journalists and TV/radio journalists, competing with the equally popular language summer schools. Last in Kiev and in Ukraine as a whole very much. The order of the day and in the first and second intense and often covers several related areas of knowledge. In language schools (network KidsWillCamp, Holidays with the Easy Way, DEC camp, etc.) is an in-depth study of a foreign language, geography and tourism. And if the child wants to try newspaper journalism will teach news writing, handling recorder, photographic equipment, art photography and the psychology of communication (School of journalism for children, SOM, School Of Media, etc.). Future presenters of leading radio and learn beautifully and correctly to speak on the lessons of scenic speech, the ability to stay in the frame, improvise, and maintain your blog. Type in such schools children are older — 12 years. The cost of studying in the summer can range from 200 UAH/day to 7.5 thousand UAH/shift.


Guys who dream to conquer the stage, the camps teach the finer points — from musical instrument and professional vocals (Kyiv ISIS Music camp, ArtCamp, creative platform Talant school Natalia Mogilev, etc.) before acting, the basics of cinematography and editing (the capital’s Cinema Kids, Jamm, etc.). These camps accept children from 5 to 14 years and the promise of tasty food. Prices start from 300 UAH per day up to 7 thousand UAH per shift. In some camps, you can receive a discount 5-30% for referring a friend, or if from the same family to camp satisfied with two or more children.