Why eat lemons

Lemons have a unique sour taste, which many people refuse to eat it. But according to the doctors, in vain. After all, the lemons and their juice contains many nutrients that are vital to the human body, writes newsyou.info.

These unique properties of lemons needs to get you to eat them every day:

1. Teeth whitening. Not everyone is aware that using lemon slices can visibly whiten your teeth at home. However, the everyday use of this method unsafe, as in the juice of citrus fruits contain acid that can damage tooth enamel with frequent use. Enough each day to eat 1-2 slices of lemon, a long time chewing, so teeth have always been radiant and snow-white.

2. Weight loss. This is the most difficult process in the life of a man who decided once and for all say goodbye to excess weight, but a little help in this difficult lesson, can lemons. The fact is that citric acid is great breaks down fats, and the taste and aroma of lemon permanently deprives the person from feeling hungry. So in the fight against overweight without lemons is not enough.

3. Health and external beauty of the hair and nails. To achieve maximum results, if the use of lemon both externally and internally. For example, drink lemon juice in the morning and also add it to water for rinsing hair after washing, lubricate the nail plate. Over time you will notice that your nails and hair strong and shiny, and problems such as dull hair, dandruff, breakage and stratification will disappear if not forever, then for a long time.

4. Strengthening the immune system. Doctors proved that in lemons contains enough vitamin C to have a beneficial effect on the immune system that protect the body from harmful bacteria, infections and viruses. Therefore, the lemons need to eat frequently, preferably daily.

5. The excretion of excess fluid from the body. Few knew that lemons have a diuretic property, but actually it is. If you suffer from excessive swelling, the lemon juice should help to solve this problem in a few days.

6. The removal of toxins from the digestive tract. With food in the stomach and then the intestines and other organs of the digestive system, do the carcinogens, toxins and other waste, which should promptly get rid of. Doctors recommend just every day to eat lemons or drink a fresh lemon juice because the acids toxins naturally leave the body without causing it any harm.

7. The improvement of the skin. In appearance of the skin therapist can determine a person eats lemons or not. It turns out that regular use of lemon the skin becomes smooth, silky and clear. And if you still use the lemon juice or the ice cubes with a decoction of lemons as a tonic for the face, the skin will become unreal glow.