Who in Ukraine earns more money

The average salary in Ukraine reached more than six thousand hryvnias. According to state statistics, the greatest work in the field of air transport – an average of more than 20 thousand hryvnia per month. At the same time, as reported by analysts rabota.ua on the labour market have jobs with salaries that reach several thousand dollars. HR-experts has collected a list of the highest paid job offers.

First place in the ranking this month took an IT job – Oracle Technical consultant, with paying 85 000 UAH. In order to successfully participate in the competition, enough to have six years of experience in a similar position. In addition, necessary skills of work with documentation. Is that worth the salary in dollars, medical insurance and accommodation in one of the best offices in Kiev.

In second place is the job of development Director (chemical industry) pay 80 000 hryvnia. Need a specialist: chemical engineer of high-molecular compounds, chemical engineer organic substances, preferably with additional education in the field of management. Experience in chemical, pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, in a similar position, head of laboratory, head of direction and knowledge of the English language.

Third place is taken by another it-almost vacancy – head of Digital Marketing, paid 78 000 UAH. The main requirement for candidates – five years of experience in a similar position and have successfully completed projects in Canada, USA, etc. and, as usual, excellent English, creativity, etc.

On fourth place is a position in the field of food industryand Manager of export sales of the company for the processing of honey, with the payment of 70 000 UAH. “Our goal is to build a team of young, competent, motivated people with whom we can confidently grow your business, develop new markets and directions in business together to learn and teach our colleagues to work together as a team to achieve a common goal”, – said in the announcement.

The fifth place of the rating took the vacancy in the agricultural sphere – the General Director of the poultry farm from diversified companies engaged in retail and wholesale trade, restaurant business, production, to the farm with a payment of 50 000 hryvnia.

“Summing up the March ranking of the TOP jobs, it is clear that the presence of successful administrative experience as big a trump card in the struggle for a place under the sun, no matter in what field that experience is the employers there. Well, if you are a programmer with experience or just have the skills to progress in the field of digital and you will find “juicy” jobs,” concluded the analysts.