Than morning sex good for the body: the TOP 5 compelling reasons physicians and psychologists

Sex has a positive effect on physical and mental health, scientists believe after extensive research.

According to them, sex is particularly useful for the human body in the morning. In particular, psychologists and doctors say that the human body is made for morning sex in addition to good mood, intimacy immediately after waking up can strengthen the heart and even help in the fight against obesity, reports “New time”.

1.Morning sex improves mood

“Besides the fact that in the morning elevated levels of testosterone and energy level, to the burst of oxytocin from sex will help improve the mood for the whole day and recharge the life force,” says PhD and sex expert Jessica O’reilly.

Apart from a good mood, morning sex can strengthen your heart and even help in the fight against obesity.

2.Morning sex strengthens the heart

Professor from the University of Ilorin, a biochemist Musa Yakubu said that sex after waking up has a positive effect on heart health. In particular, morning sex lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart attack.

3.Morning sex evokes the best coffee

An American medic Arun Ghosh, specializing in sexual health and explores the use of sex, insists that morning intimacy with a partner that is able to awake better than any coffee.

“Our brain has great stimulation during intercourse. That is why we feel euphoria after orgasm. When doing an MRI after orgasm, it is noticeable that both halves of the brain are stimulated, including parts of the brain which we normally don’t use,” says Ghosh.

4.Morning sex will replace a morning run

Studies have shown that during sex, respiratory rate, and heart rate increases as well as during sports. Scientists have also equated sex to walking, because during sex the human body works in the same emergency mode as during exercise, for example, in gyms. So, if you decided to skip my morning run – just compensate for the lack of sports sex.

5.Morning sex increases the level of income

American researchers found that morning sex promotes career growth. In a survey of over 500 couples aged 18 to 50 years found out that those couples who regularly have sex in the morning, earn more.

The authors have been unable to find a reason how morning sex can be associated with higher levels of income and successful career, but presumably it could be due to the fact that the morning’s intimacy increases mood and productivity during the day.