Scandals in the supermarkets of Ukraine: theft, murder, and the fight with the guards

In supermarkets you can not only buy products, but for scandal. The story of the beating of 15-year-old boy guards the capital’s major supermarket does not subside for several days.

In Kiev, the buyers accused the security guards of a supermarket Megastore that they have beaten 15-the summer guy. This was written in Facebook witness Ivan Primachenko, who posted a short video of the brawl.

“In the Megastore on Hetman 6 15-the summer guy got to the counter 2 nuts to try. The guard wrung his force pulled inside and for an hour refused buyers to show the child, by force not allowed to enter the storeroom. Apparently just beat, and now I’m afraid to be held accountable. The police came half an hour ago, but it never comes out. Hot line of the Ombudsman is not responding” wrote in message Primachenko.

According to him, even when people tried to pass security in the utility room and to help the guy getting out, the guards behaved with them very aggressive: twisted arms and “with swearing, with force threw them out of office space”.

The video is also heard as the guards kicked the woman out of the room.

As a result doctors Okhmadet recorded the guy a thorax bruise, and hematoma. This was written in Facebook by Commissioner President for children’s rights Mykola Kuleba.

“20 minutes kept the battered child in the back, and when the police came – said Ruslan nobody pulled here (the impression that the guy beat himself and came back to lie on the couch …) and even insulted the protection of obscene words!” he wrote in the message.

In addition, in a post on the social network Mykola Kuleba stated how it had to act guards suspected in the theft of goods.

Megastore responded quickly to messages in social networks and wrote your comment in Facebook, which was later deleted along with your page.


In this magnet of teenagers calls “provocateurs”, and all the information in the press and the Internet “lies”. Screenshot of the remote messages are preserved and actively walking on the Internet.

The final resolution of the controversy over the Megastore and will be punished if guards are not yet known, but the story caused a storm of indignation among the users of the network.

A reference example of how not to respond to public conflict. Just to the chamber of weights and measures #triarese #Megastore #motherfuckers

Golden, retweeter (@taranenko) 14 Mar 2017

Do not go to #Megastore! And then suddenly you beat, and then also be called a provocateur! And even more – not PU..

— Atypical journalist (@jyrnalist) March 15, 2017

If #Megastore bude itself rotten to lead him vnoc come #ATB I z St

— Evgen Chernyak (@ukrjurist) 14 Mar 2017

Opened the page, but it completely smoothed out. #Megastore

— Yevgeniy Mudzhyri (@mudzhyri) 14 Mar 2017

Amid the scandal, another supermarket of Kiev there was another fight. It is reported by Obozrevatel citing eyewitnesses.

It is noted that at about 22:30 on Tuesday, March 14, in the street of Toulouse, the 3-b in the Svyatoshinsky district between security guards of a supermarket and one of the visitors was a fight.

A screenshot of google maps

The violent showdown 32-year-old man received a broken nose. While it is unknown what caused the conflict.

It should be noted that this is not the first case of such scandals in the supermarkets of Ukraine.

So, in November 2016, in Kyiv the guards of the supermarket in Solomenskiy district beat a man right in front of the entrance to the store. This was reported by the press service of capital prosecution.

Video beating men was recorded by a passerby, who filmed the incident on video.

Similar thing happened in one of supermarkets of the Dnieper. The guard beat the thief until death. In the result the injured man, the ambulance arrived at the hospital, reported the press service of the police of the Dnepropetrovsk region.

“It was established that in the store on the Avenue of Heroes guards had detained the thief. A store employee came out with a man on the street and during the showdown began to beat him and inflicted blows, even when the victim fell to the ground. After beating the guard left the victim lying in the street. As a result of the actions police officers detained the malefactor, who beat the man. They found 38-year-old previously convicted man”, – militiamen noted.

It is also known that the victim was repeatedly brought to responsibility for hooliganism, drinking of alcoholic beverages in public places, breaking the silence in public places.

But not always be guilty of the guards. So in Zaporozhye thief stabbed security guard of a supermarket because of a bottle of cognac.

As told in the press service of the police of Zaporozhye region, in order to avoid responsibility for the theft, the offender stabbed the guard of the supermarket. The victim died during rendering medical care in the ambulance.

“The investigative team found that about 19:40 unknown in the supermarket stolen a bottle of brandy and tried to carry her over the counter. The theft was noticed by the guards specified supermarket and invited the unknown to go in the security room. To avoid liability for the Commission of theft, the offender pushed past the guards and tried to run out of the store. At the exit from a trade institution tried to detain him, the guard born in 1984. During the struggle, the unknown dealt the final blow with a knife in thorax area. In the future, other guards of the supermarket attacker was arrested and transferred to police officers”, – militiamen note.

A man born in 1987 was detained according to article 208 Criminally-the procedural code of Ukraine.

Journalists “Today” did a RAID on the capital-related super markers, to check the quality of the products that are sold.