What will happen to the dollar in Ukraine

In 2017 crucial for economic growth in Ukraine there are several factors: the stabilization of the situation in the East of the country, fighting corruption, stabilizing the banking system, rising exports and foreign investment. The devaluation of the hryvnia this year, said a senior analyst “Alpari” Vadim Iosub to slow down, and the dollar by year-end may be sold at 28.5 USD.

“The devaluation of the hryvnia in 2017 compared to previous years will slow, the dollar by the end of the year could be 28-28,5 hryvnia, and will largely depend not only on domestic economic situation, but also to the dynamics of the dollar in the world under the influence of the tightening monetary policy of the fed and economic policy of Donald trump. Inflation will drop to 8.5-9.5%, and GDP will grow by 2.3 and 2.5%,” – says the analyst.

According to experts, an important role the economy will play traditional sectors such as engineering, mining, metallurgy, and agriculture. Taken at the end of last year, the legislation on the simplification of exports of services can further spur the field of IT.