Rules of healthy nutrition in the office: important criteria in the selection of food and company

Often work takes up most of the day, so it’s important to pay attention to what you eat in the office. You need to understand that what you eat during the working day often determines your appearance.

What are the most common errors in nutrition during the working day and how to eat healthy food, told Olga Sukhova, wellness coach.

Bad habit to skip meals because of a “strong employment”

Options for highly engaged can be very different: a glass of kefir, Apple, a few crackers or a handful of nuts (strongly do not abuse them). Prepare strategic reserves in advance, putting on the table your snack, and you won’t even notice how mechanically “destroy” him.

Replacing normal food with cookies and other sweets

Tea and coffee reception with sweets is a very common situation in any office. Go back to the previous paragraph and cook the right meals.

Abuse of coffee

Latte or cappuccino — that you can often find in the office. And by drinking 2-3 cups of coffee with milk, you will not want to eat. This is logical, as in one Cup of this drink contains about 200 calories.

Yes, coffee helps us to Wake up, but do not abuse them. In the morning – Yes, during the day – replace it with a Cup of green tea or fermented milk product. Healthier for the body all the intake of vegetables and proteins that will saturate you with minerals and vitamins.

Food for the company

This is perhaps the most pernicious influence of office. Always ask yourself the question: “am I Really hungry?”. Plan your meals only when you start to experience a slight feeling of hunger. Food for the company is fraught with overeating and extra inches around the waist.

If you deny to a colleague uncomfortable, then support it with a Cup of green tea or glass of water with fresh lemon.

To maintain health, follow the simple rules of eating in the workplace:

Keep water on hand

Its benefits are known to all. Put on your desktop a Cup of water or type in a half-liter bottle and drink to health.

Prepare a stock of proper snacking

Fruit, yogurt, cheese, nuts. Try to purchase them in advance so you have enough for the week. If your work is more dynamic, take in your purse a small package whole-grain crisp bread (approximately 100 g) and Apple. This will save you from the temptation to buy another pack of biscuits.

If there is no place to eat near work, take food from home. Don’t be lazy, because it affects your health.

Not sedate hunger anything

Better drink of water, and later a full lunch, healthy food.

If possible, avoid eating in the workplace

Need a change of scenery and to walk outdoors to the nearest Park or cafe.

And a short shopping list for a proper snack, which can save in your phone for a long time to wrestle with over the counter product:

  • Cheese;
  • Yogurt;
  • Apples;
  • Orange or grapefruit;
  • Whole grain or rice crackers;
  • Avocado;
  • Candy Apple without sugar (a great addition to tea);
  • The Adyghe or any cheese 40 % fat;
  • The lettuce in the package.