The Russian poet in the verses ridiculed the Army for citizenship “DNR”

The Russian poet and publicist Dmitry Bykov in his poem to mock the Russian actor Nikita Dzhigurda, for his short-lived “citizenship” of the so-called “DNR”. Verse published on the website “Sobesednik”.

So citizenship “DNR”
adopted Nikita Dzhigurda,
I confess, I had faith,
that he will go there.
His soul is hid from us,
but manners, for example,
style Nikita is one of the people.

His glasses, his ballads,
and a terrible roar, and beard,
his divorce and escapades – from the TV show to the court
and devotion to the principles severe
meat and alien food – combine trisyllabic word
a single word out of the chair!

May he, the actor, whose roles bad
the singer, whose songs are not strong,
but will become a symbol of the era
and even the name of the country.
Here from the rain forest and the Arctic ice
out of politeness, out of progress reigns thick at least!

Let this little interest,
what to clarity – Yes!

Earlier it was reported that the militants had issued a “passport” Russian actor Nikita Dzhigurda. “I’m a Russian artist and poet of Ukrainian descent and proud of it. Donbass has always been the soul of Ukraine, but this soul began to crucify. Today I advocate that on this site, finally, came the world”, – explained the artist.

However, five days later, on March 14, militants took the “citizenship” of the Russian actor. As stated by the leader of the so-called “DNR” Alexander Zakharchenko, all Hold “citizenship” of the “DPR” was committed by mistake.