How to escape from itching caused by mosquito bites: seven natural remedies

As an anti-inflammatory medication after being bitten by mosquitoes you can even use the most simple means, which can relieve swelling and itching, says Ivona.

Essential oil of Valerian

An excellent remedy for insect bites is oil of Valerian or Catnip. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is effective in reducing swelling and itching. Instead, you can also use tea tree oil.


To relieve the itching with baking soda, it needs smashit with water, apply a bandage or gauze and apply to site of bite, or simply smear this mixture on the affected areas.


Oddly enough, but the bite location you can make regular ice, which acts as a local anesthetic and relieves swelling.


9% vinegar should be diluted with water in ratio 1:3 and preterite this mixture of mosquito bites.


The pulp of aloe Vera is used as medicine for the affected skin not only insect bites but also for acne, bruises and sunburn.


It is a natural antibiotic, which well heals wounds combed from mosquito bites.


Dried Basil leaves should pour boiling water and let them steep. Followed by a wet cotton pad or piece of gauze in the tincture and apply to the bite. Itching will begin to decrease.