How much grain has been collected to July: named an impressive figure

The harvest started in the southern regions

In Ukraine, where it was proposed to restrict the export of agricultural products, has already collected 1.1 million tons of grain. Such data shared in the economy.

2 Jul agricultural companies in Kherson, Odessa, Mykolaiv, Zaporizhia, Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk regions have already started harvesting grain and leguminous crops.

Crop forecast adjusted: not only more, but better

The Ministry reported that 1 produced 129 thousand tons of grain from the area 419,4 thousand ha (2,8% of the forecast). So, last week gathered 1 039 thousand tons.

In terms of crops harvested:

  • wheat – 245 thousand tons with the area of 110 thousand hectares (1.7 percent);
  • barley – 884 thousand tons with an area of 289 hectares (12,5%);
  • pea – 47 thousand tons with an area of 24 thousand hectares (10.3 percent).