An appeal to the “good guys”

My appeal to the Minister of defence James Mattis, the national security Advisor to McMaster, Minister for internal security John Kelly, the Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo and state Secretary Rex Tillerson.

Dear Sirs, I write to you, as most honest adults in the administration trump. Mattis, McMaster and Kelly, you served our country military generals. Pompeo you were the best in his class at the United States Military Academy and was an officer in the cavalry. Tillerson, you’ve managed one of the largest campaigns in America.

I am writing to you, as I am sure you are the last “good guys” that can stop the moral decay, infitsirovanie the administration of the tramp from the top.

The last time our country was hit by cancer of the presidency. Today’s Republican party — a pale semblance of itself. Except some exceptions, it demonstrated the moral bankruptcy and refused responsibility for the containment of the President of the trump.

For starters, let me ask you, honored our country with their service, how you would react if the commander has accused his predecessor in crime, and a few weeks later the chief military Prosecutor has proved the falsity of this accusation?

Secretary Tillerson, what would your former corporate Council, if the head of Exxon Mobil has accused his predecessor in serious misconduct, and the FBI said that is slander?

You military, really just said, “I’m Sorry, I’m a gunner” or “I just follow instructions?” Secretary Tillerson, you would say “I’m just a diplomat?”

Knowing you, I think not. At least, I hope that you took seriously the oath to observe and defend the Constitution or follow the highest corporate standards that they felt would be their duty to say something or to do.

Well, your boss pounced on his predecessor. But the party of trump, his daughter, sons, son-in-law, the chief strategist and the speakers wish we all just lived on, made an exception for him, and the military Prosecutor was so rotten that he refused his words.

Therefore, I appeal to some of the good guys.

I’m not asking you to quit. I ask you to work together or individually to come to the President and explain that he can’t protect national security, yet did not apologize to President Obama. And while he will not show his tax returns to remove all the questions about eight months (as we learned) the FBI investigation regarding possible collusion between the Kremlin and the tramp with the purpose to influence our elections.

Of course, none of you thinks it’s okay to slander predecessor, and to insist on the charges, even when it became known that it was a lie.

Now I’m in Paris, then fly to the United Arab Emirates. And I have to say that the world is watching what is happening.

Several young Arabs are confident that if the United States allow its leaders to lie with impunity, to hide information and slander on the press or political opponents, they give absolution and middle Eastern leaders, the presidents of Turkey and Russia on the same. They can say: “See, the us President is also well behaved, so what’s stopping us?”.

Today the world feels like losing optimistic, free from prejudices, a generous America, which is ruled by the law, and admired by foreigners. A survey of the German media group ARD showed that the percentage of Germans who consider the United States a reliable ally, four months fell from 59% to 22%.

A legacy Trump got a lot of problems in foreign policy, but, unfortunately, “it only worsens the situation,” said Richard Haass, the head of the Council on foreign relations and author of the new useful book “World chaos”: American foreign policy and the crisis of the old order”. The commitment of the trump “protectionism and hostility towards immigrants at a time when the real cause of the problems are new technologies that blur the existing profession, and the educational system is not preparing Americans to new, its rhetoric and policies reinforce doubts about the reliability of the United States. “Without an urgent change of course — said Haas, we can come back to “America first”, and “America alone”.

To prevent this is the task for the five good guys. I’m sure none of you would allow your children to go unpunished after the same unfair act, as trompovsky against Obama. Do you think you would feel bad parents. The same now applies to you as civil servants.

If you do nothing when the leader of the nation is lying about his predecessor and finds his fantasy the fact, not only he’ll never be able to call on other countries to follow the highest standards of the rule of law, democracy and protection of human rights, and you will too. We will lose its influence and the world becomes a more dangerous place.