Finn Antti Kurhinen filed an application to participate in the extremely harsh Russian reality show: possible cases of violence and murder

In December, news service bi-Bi-si shocked everyone with the news that Russia is in full swing preparing a new reality show that will bring a whole other level of adventure in which a man is fighting for survival.

In the TV series Game 2: Winter participants will be placed at the mercy of Siberian nature, where they have nine months to survive in the harsh conditions of the Siberian taiga. The reality show will be shot in the spirit of “the hunger games”, known for the novel and the film adaptation.

The temperature can range from heat over 30 degrees to 40 Celsius. Using 2 thousand cameras TV channel will broadcast round the clock how the participants survive in the condition of the Siberian frosts, surrounded by bears and wolves. According to the authors of the project, the speech can go about any means of survival, including rape and murder.

“We will reject any claims of the participants, even if they get killed and raped. Are we going to do with it. This is spelled out in the document that the player signed before the start of the show,” − said the authors of the project in an interview with the Siberian Times.

The Internet portal of the Siberian Times reported that the applications for participation filed 300 people. One of the candidates is the star of the Finnish reality show, the 33-year-old Kurhinen Antti (Antti Kurhinen).

The program will take the participation of 15 women and 15 men. The audience will vote for the participants on the project website, and with the highest number of votes will take part in it.

Kurhinen positions itself on the project website as a bright personality, which is known in Finland for many a reality show.

Correspondents Ilta-Sanomat Kurhinen said that he had applied for participation in the project, because he wants to test himself.

“You want to know what I can do. How can I survive in such an environment. I don’t know what I’m ready. I hope that won’t kill me, and I don’t have to kill anyone. I participated in many reality shows, and that would crown my career in this field,” says Korhonen, who previously participated in the project Big Brother.

“I will do anything to stay alive”

From the files of applicants for participation it is evident that some of them has military training, some are experienced specialists in the field of survival equipment or experts on the nature.

As Antti Kurhinen assesses your ability to survive in Siberia?

“When I applied, I thought: what the hell am I to climb? There’s also 40 degrees below zero, wolves and bears. I love life in the city. I’m going to miss my mom,” laughs Kurhinen.

“I am ready to defend its territory in the fight. I will do anything to stay alive.”

Participants can also bring their own knives, but weapons are prohibited bring. They will sign a document to release the organizers from liability in advance and will be survival courses under the guidance of former elite operatives of the GRU special forces of Russia.

During an interview with the organizers of the project said that although they would not intervene in crimes that can happen in the course of the project, the participants will be responsible for their actions according to the laws of the Russian Federation.

Kurhinen don’t think anyone is going to take part in the project with the aim to harm others.

“There will be two thousand cameras that will shoot everything that happens. Naturally, the members will quarrel with each other, can be damaged. But everyone knows the horrible Russian prisons, so hardly anyone wants to get there on purpose,” he says.

Participants may be combined with each other or try to survive alone. They will be able to bring 100 kilograms of equipment and, as in the hunger games, viewers will be able to make gifts to “their” participants. In distress or wanting to retire from the game, the player can click the special emergency button on a satellite phone, after which it is evacuated.

“If you think too much about what might happen, fearful. Fortunately, there is a straw − special emergency button that you can press if the situation arises. If this was not possible, I would not have to apply for participation.”

Shooting programs begin in July. The party lasted for nine months, will receive 1.5 million euros. If this number is greater than one, the money is divided among the winners.

“The next phase of the online voting will be the selection of 100 applicants who will get the most votes. In the end, there will be only 15 women and 15 men. Of course, I hope to be among those who will be allowed to participate in the game,” says Korhonen.