What to do with a sock with no pair: five amazing applications

Due to various reasons it often happens that the socks remain without a pair lying around the house. Five amazing applications these unnecessary things says “Home”.

Note that it will be, of course, on the net unpaired socks dirty no regret throw in the trash.

So, here are the best ways to use unpaired socks use:

  • To remove odors from the closet

No, not to kill the odour of a sock, but to make the lavender sachet or dry coffee grounds and hang it in the closet.

  • To pack breakable items

Move you probably infrequently. But if you want to take with you on vacation to your favorite mug, then socks will be a great case for it. Do not hesitate.

  • Instead of the road beauticians

When you take a trip shampoo and a sponge, toothpaste and brush, you either placed them in a duffel bag, or just throw in a suitcase in a plastic bag.


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If you travel infrequently, beauticians have not. And package things tend to fall out and the lag on the suitcase. Put the bag of soap supplies in sock with elastic cuff – and they will lie compactly in its place.

  • The repair

It is a pity to spoil with paint, dust and Wallpaper glue their shoes or boots? Here’s what you can do: wear over shoes, which is a pity – a plastic bag. And pull on top of the package socks. And the way to work.

  • Clean the dust

One of the most convenient ways to remove dust from the plants or blinds is to wear a sock on your hand and just hold it on all surfaces.

The same applies for rapid cleaning of dust on the floor. Yes, just put a sock on one foot and run along baseboards.