Trump has accused the former FBI Director Komi of cowardice

The US President Donald trump has accused the former Director of the FBI James Komi to “cowardice” due to the fact that the organized leaks to the press of his confidential conversations with the head of state.

Komi in testimony to Congress reported that they felt uncomfortable during numerous meetings with the President and therefore recorded the conversations. Then, according to Komi, he gave these notes to his friend, and the media.

“I believe that the leakage of information from James Comey will be much larger than anyone might think. Absolutely illegal? Very “cowardly!”, — trump wrote in his Twitter.

On Thursday, the Komi Republic, which the American President was removed from his post on 9 may, spoke to the Senate foreign Affairs Committee. This was his first public appearance after resignation.

Following the dismissal of Komi in the press there was a leak from the assumptions that trump tried to push the officer and his investigation. However, the former Director of the FBI was careful in the wording and did not directly accuse the President of obstructing justice.

Komi was investigating alleged “ties trump of Russia”, which deny as the White house and the Kremlin. The rival trump in the presidential election of 2016, Hillary Clinton also accused of Komi is that he has achieved for its defeat, extending 10 days before the election, lacking confirmation information about the new investigation against her.