What the dollar to wait for the Ukrainians: analyst said whether in Ukraine, the collapse of the hryvnia

The hryvnia continues to strengthen in all segments of the foreign exchange market. Last week the official rate fell from 27,12 to 26.81 per dollar. At the same time the weighted average dollar exchange rate strengthened by 0.8% – from 27.02 to 26.81 hryvnia. As predicted the senior analyst “Alpari” Vadim Iosub, the tendency to strengthening of the hryvnia will continue this week – the us dollar to the end of the week can be bought on the interbank market for 26.5-26,6 hryvnia.

Last Saturday, the Chairman of the national Bank Oleg Churiy in the television broadcast stated that without cooperation with the IMF to keep the hryvnia exchange rate will be extremely difficult for the analyst. “If you take a purely mathematically, without further loans from the IMF we will not be able to meet its obligations. That is, we go into default, it is necessary to understand all” – said Oleg Churiy.

Vadim Iosub sure that the termination of cooperation with the IMF at the moment, Ukraine is not threatened. “Another Memorandum with the IMF, agreed by the national Bank and the Cabinet, and the decision on the allocation of the next tranche is expected at the meeting of the IMF Board on March 20. So the question of default and devaluation on the agenda. This, by the way, evidenced by the strengthening of the hryvnia. The market is known, considers all”, – says the expert.

According to the forecast of “Alpari”, the official rate of the dollar and the exchange rate on the interbank market this week may be reduced to 26.5-26.6 UAH, cash dollar in banks could reach $ 26.5/26,9 hryvnia to the dollar.