Le Pen promises to negotiate with Putin on ending the war in Ukraine – media

The leader of the National front and candidate for the French presidency, marine Le Pen is convinced that, leading my country, it to negotiate with Russian President Vladimir Putin on ending the war in Ukraine. It is reported by Gazeta Wyborcza, adding that Le Pen hopes the issue of the conflict in the Donbas to cooperate with the President of the United States Donald trump and the Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may, reports ZN.ua.

She also looks forward to working with the Chairman of the ruling Polish party “law and Justice” Jaroslaw Kaczynski and the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban.

According to her, together they can reshape the European Union. Le Pen believes that the “new EU” can enter Russia, which will rely on the “four sovereignty”: territorial (reconstruction of borders in the EU), economic (implementation of the policy of national protectionism), monetary (rejection of the Euro) and legal. At the same time, the leader of the French radicals promised that it would withdraw France from the EU, if the participating countries agree to its terms. If Brussels is to resist, she threatens to arrange a Frexit.

Also, Le Pen believes that NATO should abandon its presence in Central and Eastern Europe. “Obviously, Donald trump is right when he describes NATO obsolete. The reason is very simple: it is a structure that was created to protect the West from the Soviet Union. And since the Soviet Union is no more, and NATO has no reason to continue to exist. He became a tool of political influence of the USA, who impose their position independent countries. And that needs to change,” – said Le Pen.

However, she insisted that Vladimir Putin allegedly does not want to dominate Central Europe “Russian sphere of influence.” According to Le Pen, the Russian President wants these countries were neutral. She paid no attention to the fact that Ukraine and Georgia were neutral countries when Russia attacked them. At the same time, she repeated Russian propaganda narrative that the West promised Moscow not to expand to the East.

“Putin just wants the territory was again demilitarization. If we fulfill this obligation by decades, there is no reason why we can’t do it in the future,” said Le Pen, forgetting that for decades Eastern Europe was under the control of Moscow.

As reported, according to the poll company Harris Interactive, a former economy Minister Emmanuel macron would be the winner of the first round of the French presidential electionsif they were held in the coming days. So, for the Macron in the first round is ready to vote 26% of respondents, six percentage points higher compared with the results of the survey two weeks earlier. Second place would be occupied by marine Le Pen (25%), who heads the far-right party “national front”.

According to the survey, in this scenario, in the second round of the macron would have received 65% of the votes, while M. Le Pen – 35%.

The first round of presidential elections in France scheduled for April 23.