The death of Floyd: police accused of murder (CNN, USA)

The attorney General of Minnesota has indicted a former police officer who roughly detained the African American George Floyd, which caused his death. On 4 June reported by broadcaster CNN.

It is noted that the former policeman Derek Showin is accused of second-degree murder, and his colleagues Jay-Alexander Qun, Thomas lane and the Tao of aiding and abetting murder and manslaughter in the second degree.

Earlier Savino was charged with third-degree murder, that is manslaughter, but they were changed to a more serious.

In Minnesota, under the second-degree murder means manslaughter or deliberate homicide committed without a plan.

The punishment can be up to 40 years in prison. While aiding and abetting murder or manslaughter faces the same punishment.

Recall that Floyd died after police detention. In the video, which was recorded by eyewitnesses of the situation, you can see how the police tackled the man and handcuffed him, and Showin pressed a knee to his neck.

The detainee said several times that he could not breathe, and then lost consciousness.

Four law enforcement officers who participated in the incident, was fired, one of them (Shovina) was taken into custody on charges of manslaughter.

Independent experts and official examination confirmed that the cause of death of Floyd was asphyxiation.