Fatima prophecies — the key to understanding the world

“Russia will spread its mistakes all over the world”. This phrase, uttered a hundred years ago, Fatima the mother of God, could provide the key for understanding the spiritual, cultural and socio-political problems of the day, starting with communism and ending the moral revolution in the West, as well as a modern reaction to the revolution, which took the form of anti-liberal, but at the same time hostile to Catholicism or alternative national-right-wing movements.


The Errors Of Russia. These words are associated first of all with two phenomena: Orthodoxy and communism. Yes, Orthodoxy of Russia, because it is a divisive religion. But Lee said the virgin appeared in Fatima? Simple secular people is difficult to say about categorical judgments. If spread, however, Christianity for the whole world? Probably not.


In this case, it would be logical to direct our attention to another Russian mistake: communism. The last appearance of the virgin occurred on 13 October 1917. After 11 days we started the October revolution, which later spread over the vast part of the globe.


From what point of view, communism was a mistake? Each! This ideology completely contradicts the principles of Catholicism and based on them civilization. It does not honor God, and destroys religion, persecutes and kills believers. She has no respect for innocent life, and organizes mass murder. She refuses to desire the things of others, and inflames the greed of the masses. It does not prevent theft, but denies the concept of ownership. She honors the good name of our neighbor, and outputs the blackening at the state level.


The modern man of the Soviet Union is associated, rather, with ascetic, or even Puritan morality. In the beginning, the point, however, was different. Among the errors of Russia should include a transformation in the sexual sphere. As he writes in his article entitled “the Bolshevik sexual revolution” Miroslav Shumylo (Mirosław Szumiło), initially in the Soviet Union, he reigned a real free love. 16 Dec 1917, appeared the decree, which allowed divorce even if the spouses just do not get along. It was enough to go to court. In turn, Family code of 1926, allowed to divorce by sending a postcard to the Registrar.


Soviet feminist Alexandra Kollontai extolled the psychological and economic liberation of women. She announced that to satisfy the sexual needs should be as simple as drinking a glass of water. The Komsomol in its first Congress adopted a resolution on the obligation to satisfy the sexual needs of his comrades in the organization. The Soviet version of free love was accepted, sometimes even more grotesque forms, it is sufficient to recall, for example, the decree on the socialization of women. Dominated by the belief that marriage or even feelings as such, they are remnants of the bourgeois past.


“The life of modern youth is a revolutionary rejection of sexual relations, based on the idea of private ownership” — wrote the newspaper “Pravda” in 1925. “A girl who refuses sexual relations, young people considers not only a bourgeois, but a man who abandons his youth for the sake of the ideals of the past, saving herself for her husband-owner”.


Sexual relations are linked with the birth of children. As they are in casual and indiscriminate relationships are unnecessary. So free love is paired with the abortion that took place in Bolshevik Russia. Miroslav writes Shumilo, according to the decree of 18 November 1920, gave every woman the right to infanticide, it was enough to go to the hospital. In this respect, Russia was the world leader. Those children who managed to escape the massacre, was nationalized. This was due to the massive construction of nurseries. “Breaking up the family home, we inflict a decisive blow to the ranks of the bourgeois,” was the slogan of the 1920-ies.


What about homosexuality? At the initial stage of Bolshevism it is also legalized. The abandonment of the policy of free love began in the late 1920s, and was finally established in the next decade. The reasons were pragmatic: dealing with the demographic crisis and protecting the health of the society. In 1936 abortion was banned, and divorce made more difficult. The Soviet Union never returned to the sexual revolution the first years of its existence. However, he inspired her “ideals” of the West. Played a role in this Marxist ideology and, apparently, the Soviet secret service.


The cultural revolution in the West


When the Soviet regime gradually suppressed the most striking manifestations of the moral revolution, the Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci (Antonio Gramsci) wrote his “Prison notebooks”. He concludes that the West can not accept the Marxist revolution because of its Christian roots, and therefore, the first step is to destroy Christian culture. This should be done was not working, and the representatives of the criminal community, ethnic minorities and women. The thinker has called for a long March, designed to change schools, media, Churches, community organizations and first family. To similar conclusions came in the Hungarian györgy lukács (Lukacs Geirg). Later he was able to deal with their introduction on a post of the Minister of culture.


In turn, in 1923, he, along with, in particular, Theodor Adorno (Theodor Adorno) and Herbert Marcuse (Herbert Marcuse), he founded the Frankfurt school. His aim she saw the holding of Marxist revolution in the field of culture. “Merit” Marcuse had become the new proletariat of sexual minorities. A key element of the cultural revolution were sexual “liberation.” Still was branded the enemy. Here, as noted by the American Thinker Linda Kimball (Linda Kimball), the role played by the concept of Adorno on the authoritarian personality. In 1950, he “discovered” that Christianity and the traditional family lead to racism and fascism. It is only one step to call people who live in the spirit of tradition, threat or even mentally ill.


Cultural Marxism gave rise to political correctness — a new form of censorship and autocensura, which causes the man to control himself at every step. This is visible to the devil’s attempt to find a replacement for Christianity. The teaching of the Catholic Church says that people should watch not only your actions, but also thoughts and words. Political correctness as the new religion, too, inclines to self-control, but not in order to adhere to the ten commandments, and in order to avoid new sins, in particular, “elitism,” “sexism” and “discrimination”. Meanwhile, many of these “sins” is just a normal traditional beliefs.


Paired with political correctness is multiculturalism. Western man tries not to look down on people of other cultures and not offend them. Such unlimited tolerance leads to the appearance of masses of refugees. Chaos and violence which carries with it the policy of multiculturalism, and create a breeding ground for radical sentiments and feelings of insecurity.


The condition of the modern West, his family, culture, various institutions and state structures is the ashes remaining after the successful cultural revolution. Italian author Marcello Veneziani (Veneziani Marcello) writes that Western societies have realized in themselves the essence of Marxism. They came to the “radical atheism and materialism, internationalism and deliverance from the roots, the primacy of pragmatism and death philosophy, the leading role of industry and global governance by nature, (…), and is also manifested in homogenization of equality”. In turn, died in 1989, the philosopher Augusto Del Noce (Noce, Augusto de) said that Marxism was defeated in the East, but became a reality in the West, and it happened even without a complete (yet) abandonment of private property.


The process that led to this state of Affairs, ran as infected with the Bacillus of Marxist intellectuals and the Soviet intelligence. As told in the published online interview with a former KGB propagandist, and later a critic of communism, Yuri, crane scales, espionage accounted for only 15% of the activities of the Soviet secret service. 85% of the effort was aimed at ideological transformation. This psychological warfare was designed to “change the perspective on reality” that people subjected to its influence, lost the ability to understand the real interests of their countries. “The ideology of Marxism-Leninism is pumped into the heads of at least three generations of American students without being contested or balanced American values, American patriotism, explained the steelyards. The result you can see. People who have received higher education in the 1960s, now hold positions of responsibility in government, business, the media, the education system. They are programmed to think and react to certain stimuli in a certain way. You can’t change their way of thinking, even if you present them all the information and evidence. In other words, for these people the process of demoralization is complete and irreversible.”


When the country is run by representatives of cultural Marxism, it becomes vulnerable to crisis and destabilisation. No wonder the West is dying: the demographic, cultural and political terms. Hordes of Muslim migrants plunge an oasis of calm in Gabrovski the natural state of the human race. In the once flourishing suburbs of big cities, life becomes “nasty, brutish, and short.” However, there is a reaction…


The Errors Of Russia 3.0


Although the left-wing elite, frankly, already hopeless, ordinary people started to Wake up from their lethargy. The decision of the British about leaving the EU or the Americans, about the election of Donald trump talking about the fact that people are tired of the liberal-democratic chaos and fear of its consequences.


In Holland the ratings are headed by anti-immigrant freedom Party of Geert Wilders (Geert Wilders). Nationalist marine Le Pen takes the second place in election polls in France. “Alternative for Germany” with close to Nazism ideas support more than 8% of Germans. Strengthening quasiprivate front can be observed in other countries. These trends and forces share the negative attitude towards globalization, multiculturalism and other values facemassage world “end of history”. But can we call it a real Christian counter-revolution? Unlikely. In this anti-liberal reaction to sound distinctly nationalist and collectivist note. Protest against the progressive elites often degenerates into populism and the cult of “the common man”, contrary to the principle of hierarchy. Keeping the proportions of the phenomena of modern anti-liberal reaction can be compared to the fascism of the 1930-ies.

© RIA Novosti, Alex Panzicov | go to photobacteria. Youth day in Poland

Various quoteprefix forces have one thing in common: sympathy for Moscow. In 2014, Russia invited representatives of the National front and Austrian freedom party and the nationalists of Flanders and Bela Kovacs (Béla Kovács) from the “movement For a better Hungary” to observe the conduct of the Crimean referendum, recalls in his article “Putinism of the European far-right and” Alina Polyakova. Moscow wanted to legitimize the annexation. March 22, 2015 members of several European right-wing parties went to St. Petersburg for a political rally with the participation of Putin. In 2014, in turn, it turned out that the front national received from the First Czech-Russian Bank the credit in 9 million roubles.


Russophilia is visible in the way voted based Le Pen faction of the European Parliament “Europe of Nations and freedoms.” In a positive way to speak out about Putin, Roberto Fiore (Roberto Fiore) of the Italian party “New force”, Farage (Nigel Farage) the British Party United Kingdom independence himself, Donald trump. The FBI and the CIA believe that his victory in the elections, he is obliged to the Russian intervention.


So Russia is not only inspiring, but also cynically supports modern quasiprivate force. But if she could serve as a model itself? In many ways this country really saves more adherence to traditional values than the “rotten West”. This applies, in particular, the issue of homosexuality or of realism in international politics. We will not, however, jump to conclusions.


Russian society is suffering from moral decay. According to the Chairman of the Union of pediatricians of Russia Alexander Baranov, the country held 3-4 million abortions a year. The Russians are loyal to the Soviet symbols that we see, for example, in military parades or hear in the melody of the Russian anthem. Influential Russian thinkers like Alexander Dugin, are preaching anti-Catholicism and collectivism, and at the same time speak favorably about paganism.


Abandoning the “classical” and “cultural” Marxism, the West is thrown into the arms of Moscow. One of the “errors of Russia” grow: they are closer to the truth, but that become even more dangerous. Hope for liberation from the trap of fighting with each other about ideas are made there, in the Fatima prophecy of the triumph of the Immaculate heart of Mary.