The realities of the Crimean “tales”

In the famous Arab tale of Hodja Nasreddin promised the Emir for the purse of gold, and twenty years of time to teach ass theology, arguing that one of the three of them will die. Representatives of the current Crimean government are similar, promising the natives rivers of milk and honey in the distant future.

The life of an official on the position in the Crimea is usually short-lived, change them like dirty gloves. Caught stealing, did the wrong thing back or nothing thinking — you go back to Penza, Udmurtia and Siberia. Why do Russian managers on the Peninsula pressed not to provide the local population “heavenly life in the Homeland.” The main thing — career move Yes a money grab. Not everyone is able to do without excitation of criminal cases by results of work, but the “bench” in Russia is almost endless.

For the Crimeans, so did not complain, in store tales, fables stories, Yes. They are skillfully launch to the masses through the media to present rulers. “Here we will build the Crimean bridge, then begin to live!” say. “Yeah, then we begin to live like people!” — echo “natives”. “We will attract tourists from around the world, Crimea is a tourist Mecca!” — harassed to deceive the citizens of the officials. “To get rich” — rejoice Crimeans. “Free economic zone operates so wonderful that investors from dozens of countries lined up to invest billions into the industry and the leisure industry!” — completely lost coast cheats. “How wonderful! Make some money, all Mercedes cars will go” — the dream hang the ears of the locals.

Meanwhile, even such an apologist for the “Russian world”, as the “people’s mayor” of Sevastopol Alexey Chaly, and he doubted the economic efficiency of a bridge across the Kerch Strait. “I don’t think it (the project implementation Crimean bridge — approx. ed.) will radically affect the Sevastopol. This is my personal opinion,” he told reporters. In this Chaly said that perhaps “the price of food (food) will fall somewhat, it will be easier to us to carry”. “Although, frankly, know what the cheapest transport is by sea. I have a doubt in this regard, something will change radically. Moreover, the construction of a bridge for us, nothing will change until the track is built “Tavrida”. I personally have no expectations do not feed”, — said Chaly.

The words of former “national hero” and former President of the Kremlin-controlled Legislative Assembly of Sevastopol was received in the city with disapproval. No one likes to part with his illusions, especially with the sweet.

The tale of millions of tourists, foreigners with fat wallets three years in a row already debunked earlier in the season. Authorities say the agreements reached with the Chinese side and the establishment of tourist flow from China, but all this time the Peninsula was visited by only a few dozen people from this country. The reason why China is chosen as the mythical source of people eager to see the beauty of the Crimea, no doubt. In China, home to more than two billion people and the Crimean inhabitant quite easy to believe that some ten million of them will easily flock to inspect the annexed territory. As for the so-called free economic zones, even the rich Russian like the plague flee from the unrecognized territory and even poor hotel no one started to build, not to mention the factories and new resorts.

In 2014 Crimea was visited by official delegations of such countries as Eritrea, Nicaragua and Laos. To create the “picture” and maintain the fairy tale about the recognition by many countries of the “annexation of Crimea” on the Peninsula sometimes are imported from different countries of informal delegation of deputies, mostly right-wing.

So, in the Crimea has been, for example, representatives of the Japanese right-wing — public-political organization “Issue-Kai”, Serbian patriots, including the party leadership of the Democratic party of Serbia and Serb Patriotic movement “Door” at the head of their leader Bosko the white house. Came and the delegation led by leader of the parliamentary bloc “al-Ahrar”, the ex – Minister of the government of Iraq, Dhiaa Employment Abdullah al-Asadi.

And what about the ex-Deputy of the Bundestag, who came on a visit to Yalta, and even revealed embarrassing details. As it turned out, Joerg Tauss has previously been convicted of possession of child pornography.

After this and other such incidents, the foreign Ministry of Russia reminded the Crimean officials that any visits by foreign delegations must be confirmed by their Department. Otherwise so painstakingly created rainbow picture can be destroyed, and with the eyes of Crimeans will drop the veil.

There are plenty of other illusions that Kremlin strategists are fed by the imagination of the inhabitants of the Peninsula. The only question is, how long Crimeans to remain in their captivity.

By the way, the fable since the “referendum” the people have long been forgotten. Unimaginable promises of pensions, salaries and fantastic medicine the world level remain unfulfilled. And surprisingly, unlike stories about the Muslim folk character, of the ruler of Bukhara and the donkey, in the Crimea, all persons involved are alive, but none of the liars didn’t suffer and not exposed.

Gennady Kravchenko, the Crimean browser (name and surname of the author changed for security purposes)