Extreme hairstyle and bright makeup Ukrainian judges blew up the Internet

The image of the district judge of the Rivne region Alla Pandora users really liked the social network. Hairstyle women compared with the sea witch Ursula from the movie “the little Mermaid” and the makeup – in the style of Kiss.

@MishaKrupin pic.twitter.com/D01UK3f0WN

— Dasha Daphne (@taumos) 12. März 2017

Expectation and reality pic.twitter.com/alPqoNe9mC

— Mikhail Golub (@golub) 12. März 2017

@RUColonel Alla bandura’s her name, looks like a long-time fan of the group Kiss… pic.twitter.com/dzEi77X1hi

Resident from Berlin (@bWqiqx5aLZwt4UD) 12. März 2017

All quilted jackets and Colorado awaiting trial, where they will be judged by the judge of the Rivne region Alla bandura. pic.twitter.com/rkmuP7Zaaz

— Voice of Mordor (@spacelordrock) 12. März 2017

Recall that users love to discuss women’s hairstyles. So, last year, the real sensation produced a change of style of the leader of “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Tymoshenko.