Holidays in Ukraine: where to go in the fall

Summer is rapidly coming to an end, friends and colleagues take turns coming back from vacations, brag about adventures and sunburn, and you still can not get out somewhere to relax? Do not rush to grieve. Despite the fact that the traditional release time – it is a hot Sunny season, autumn also can arrange for a memorable stay. And Yes to summer at any time of the year, choosing one of the many resorts in warm countries. But if you want to spend your vacation in Ukraine, you also can find the interesting options. Moreover, at this time of the year travelers are getting smaller, prices are lower, and the weather is still pretty good.

The website “Today” have selected a few options for a fall vacation.

Velvet season at sea

Kinburn spit. Photo: Boiko A.

To enjoy the sea almost all of September, and if the weather is very good – and until mid-October. Holiday in the autumn season is more suitable for the sea of Azov, because of its small depth (it does not exceed 13.5 m) the water is warmer. Moreover, the beaches will be much less tourists and prices for accommodation and food is below.

One of the most popular places on sea of Azov – Arabatskaya Strelka (Kherson region). It is a braid with a length of over 100 km, which on one side washed by the waters of the sea, and the other is a salt of a Gulf Sivash. And yet, this area is rich in thermal waters and reserves of therapeutic mud. Also popular are the resorts located in the Zaporozhye region, for example, Kirillovka. This place has a warm climate, low rainfall and remoteness from major cities, so staying here is usually quiet and calm. Another place that is loved by tourists and vacationers – Berdyansk spit. Besides the sea, there is a unique source of fresh water and dirt. Berdyansk is a typical resort town with boarding houses, resorts, beaches and entertainment complexes, so the summer is crowded. However, the fall stay at this resort will be much quieter.


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However, in terms of comfortable vacation in the velvet season, and not inferior to the black sea coast. Especially selling life in Odessa – the sea water is still warm, the air temperature is comfortable and the breeze is only going to benefit while relaxing on the beach or long walks. Relax comfortable here because of a developed resort infrastructure, and the city is famous for its history, beauty and a distinctive sense of humour of the locals. In addition, in early fall – September 2 – here is the day of the city, and the celebration is usually Grand. And for those who are not willing to spend their vacation in a city on the black sea coast there are many villages, for example, Zatoka, Iron port or the Skadovsk.

Golden autumn in the mountains

Carpathians. Photo: S. Revere

Autumn is a great time to enjoy the beauty of the Carpathians. This is the perfect place to comfortably relax, breathe fresh air and plenty of work up in nature. For tourists, there is a lot of fun – the lifts operate all year round, you can rent bicycles and ATVs, ride horses and swim in cool mountain rivers, to go on excursions in the most outlandish places.

One of the unique places in the Carpathian mountains – lake Synevir in Mizhhiria district, Transcarpathian region. The reservoir is located at an altitude of 989 meters above the sea level. Its area is 5 hectares and a maximum depth of 24 m. because Of this, even in the warmest days warmed only one or two of the upper meter of water. The lake water is very clean and clear, but cold. And while a dip in it, but on the shore you can not only relax in the beautiful surroundings, but also to hear the many stories and legends. According to one, clear water of the lake is the tears cried out the young Blue, the longing for the beloved veer. On the lake there is a wooden sculpture depicting two lovers.

However, going on vacation to the mountains, don’t forget to check the weather forecast and make sure it does not start the season (if you like the weather, of course, do not like).


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Leisurely rest in sanatoriums

Truskavets. Photo: archive

Autumn is considered a very comfortable season for a holiday in sanatoriums. So, the weather does not suit unpleasant surprises like unbearable heat or cold and regularity of this kind of rest helps to relax. The number of sanatoriums in Ukraine, hundreds. Among them and government institutions that are still reminiscent of the Soviet past of the country, and modern resorts and holiday homes, which allow not only to improve health, but enough to enjoy a relaxed holiday. Especially in the sanatorium you can go not only for treatment but also for General strengthening of the body. Most of the institutions of sanatorium type located in areas where there are natural sources of medicinal substances – mineral water, rich in trace elements of salt and dirt, seawater and mountain air.

For example, one of the most popular Spa resorts in Ukraine – Morshin. Used for treatment of mineral water from three sources, ozocerite and peat mud. A very popular Truskavets, Mirgorod – resort towns, working on the basis of sources of mineral waters. Though not less interesting is in many regions of the country. For example, in the Spa resort Khmelnik (Vinnytsia region), Ukraine’s first radon Spa. Thanks to treatment on the basis of radon mineral water can improve the condition of the nervous system, spine, back and skin.


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In addition, often the nearby Spa resorts there are many interesting places to explore. For example, from chmielnik, you can quickly get to the winery to enjoy a nationally-known fountains, and from Truskavets to Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk or Yaremche.