Scientists have discovered what men used to go bald

Undersized men at risk of early lose hair, scientists warn. Conducted by specialists of the University of Bonn study showed that, over a small rise and early baldness answer the same genes, according to “Orthodox”.

A large genetic study involved 11 thousand men with early hair loss and 12 thousand have not yet started to lose hair. Culprits of short stature and baldness were genes responsible for the production of testosterone – the male sex hormone, elevated levels of which causes a slowing of growth in adolescence and early loss of hair on the head.

If all the men in the family were short, but they do not suffer from hair loss, then not to worry, soothe the authors of the study. However, to prevent baldness at a high chance of its occurrence is problematic. The most effective but drastic measure is castration before beginning of baldness, thanks to which the level of testosterone in the blood will drop significantly.