Dodon said the decision of the Prime Minister and the speaker to ban Moldovan officials to visit the Russian Federation

The President of Moldova Igor Dodon criticized the actions of the Chairman of the Parliament Andrian CANDU and the Prime Minister Pavel Filip, who accused Russia of violating the rights of the Moldavian officials. Igor Dodon wrote on Facebook

“Today, invited the Russian Ambassador Farid Mukhametshin of Mubarakshevich to discuss yesterday’s incident in the bilateral relations of the Republic of Moldova and the Russian Federation. As President of the Republic of Moldova strongly condemns statements and actions of the leadership of the Parliament and the Government of the RM, considering them as unacceptable, unfounded and provocative. Such actions had no analogues in the entire history of our bilateral relations, but also applicable in diplomatic and international practice,” he wrote.

He also reiterated his focus on strategic partnership and friendly relations with the Russian Federation. “Next week, as planned earlier, will pay a working visit to Moscow at the head of the delegation of the Republic of Moldova, which will be advisors to the President, members of Parliament, representatives of the business and the economic community of the country,” he wrote.

Earlier it was reported that a note on the violations was handed over to the Russian side at the meeting, the Chairman of the Parliament Andrian CANDU and the Prime Minister-the Minister Pavel Filip with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Moldova Farit Mukhametshin.

In a note it is noted that the Moldovan officials rudely stopped at the entrance to the Russian Federation, questioned, searched, they were subjected to humiliating treatment at the hands of the Russian secret services.

CANDU and Philip announced that prior to the termination of violations of the Moldovan officials will be banned from travelling to the Russian Federation.