Three policemen accused of complicity in the murder of African American because of the death which started the riots

All four police officers involved in the arrest of Floyd was fired

U.S. prosecutors, who previously tightened the charge former police officer Derek Savino for the murder of an African-American George Floyd during the arrest, did the accused three of his colleagues.

This informs the Asociated Press.

Previously, attorney General of Minnesota Keith Ellison reclassified the charges Showino – it video presses a knee on his neck Floyd on second-degree murder without intent while committing a serious crime. Previously he was accused of manslaughter in the third degree.

Three colleagues Shovina, who was present during the arrest, charged with complicity in the murder.

The Senator from Minnesota Amy Klobuchar Twitter called tougher charges Savino “another important step towards justice”. Last week, all four police officers involved in the arrest, Floyd was fired.

May 25 in Minneapolis (Minnesota) 46-year-old American George Floyd died during detention by the police. Widespread Internet a video in which a police officer presses his knee on the neck of the Floyd, and he repeats that can’t breathe, angered many Americans. Protests against police brutality swept Minneapolis, and then other American cities and even outside the United States.

Earlier it was reported that the US President Donald trump, if necessary, involve the law on the suppression of the uprising by the military, but relies on forces of National guard of the United States.