In Estonia, impose a tax on sugary drinks

The Estonian Parliament adopted the law on the tax on sweets. According to the law, the tax will be levied on drinks containing sugar or posleduyuschih substances exceeding 5 g per 100 ml.

The tax rate per litre of beverage containing sugar concentration of 5-8 grams per 100 ml of beverage, is 10 cents per litre. Drinks with a higher concentration of sugar will be taxed at 30 cents.

The same rate is set to beverages with sweeteners.

Manufacturers of natural juices, milk drinks and yoghurts, may apply for exemptions on taxes.

The government justifies the need for the introduction of a tax on sweets to care about people’s health.

In turn, the Ministry of Finance of Estonia expects this tax to increase revenues to the state budget in the 2018 of 15 million euros, in 2019 by 16 million euros in 2020 by 17 million euros .

The law will come into force on 1 January 2018.