Horoscope for January 1-7: Sagittarius personal life is moribund, and the rams should not feel other people’s troubles

ARIES. Vertical “parents-children” requires urgent modernisation. But the imperious dictates or sacrificial care to the detriment of themselves are not suitable for educational training. This is extreme. You have to be reasonably helpful, in time to help and not to lecture, but to show by example how to live according to God’s laws, and that will be a brilliant educational lever. Go everywhere to compromise and pray for narrowing! Now it’s your Divine patrons (up to October).

If someone laments, hoping for your benefactor, not much penetrate other people’s troubles, they are not sincere and for you destructive.

TAURUS. Rejoice in its relevance, because this is the happiness, the gratitude will come back. Yes, now everything is not where you turn, you want something. Satisfy their desires, they are not random, but motivated by karma.

Do any business not carelessly, but with love, creative spark, and then your life will come of abundance and success. If friends has become less, it means that your relations have exhausted themselves. But the true will stick around.

GEMINI. Being in total dependence on circumstances, other people, you worthy of the hero. After all, putting an end to its own ambitions, selfish interests, know the main postulate: affiliate idyll is a death to selfishness. And proved the excellent behaviour, how can the love and patience to overcome all the difficulties of the relationship (here) and create a lovely family home. This is a major achievement.

CANCERS. To go to the “Autonomous navigation” in search of romantic adventure — complete madness. This is from the evil one. Your place in a harmonious Union with your beloved companion, which can not be manipulated. Warmed near the family fire is the Holy oasis and be happy.

In the service of the retrospective period. Career ascent has stalled, but we have to work. Renew old ties with long-time colleagues, buddies and to other helpers. But they pay in the same coin. Help, if you are asked about something. But other people’s advice not to erect on a pedestal (they are deceptive, have a hypnotic effect), you have a bright mind, and rely on him!

LIONS. The way of realization of desires is through responsible service for the benefit of others. Want to be satisfied and secured —take care of loved ones, work, your task is to get anywhere productive result. And not to live for others. All new — well forgotten old. This work, and the return of old love Affairs. Give me a love debt and set point.

If unhappy in your personal life (family), it is an illusion, learn more to give and nothing more to take. Remember: in the Union you are a donor, not a vampire! And in the intimate sphere first of all.

VIRGO. You influential, artistically, but tend to be puritanical tastes, to Indulge in all serious sober mind does not. If love, the need, the requirements for rational choice, virtuosos seducers excluded from the list of contenders for the heart and hand, and you should not waste energy on their ohmureniya. If you have any of the past old romantic relationship, it is not a coincidence, it means that you have completed. Put “fuel” in the embers of the relationship and enjoy the dessert. And then decide for yourself. After all, the future of the Union depends on you. Let the partner changes his character in order not to lose.

LIBRA. The atmosphere is very electric. Enough to work up a sweat, ruin yourself, not in money happiness. Let sweenie work, and you love them. If the work of Auguste is a good sign — happy release “Payne” and take care love, charity. The fate of the switches on family life. Drop anchor in the Harbor of home, households need your help and care. By the way, fallen selfish, envious, adventurers — the first candidates for dismissal now.

SCORPIONS. The past was resurrected, come back to you, old acquaintances, friends, neighbors and even meeting places. It would seem that the thread has broken, but, alas, you need this bond “reboot” and continue to communicate. Future relations will play a crucial role. So give “one hundred” and try to sort out unwanted people, but rather those who are not breathing with you one spirit. “Taxi” in its sole discretion, because use depends on your smart decisions.

Attention Lovelace, passionate Hobbies are the tricks of the evil one. You need a reliable friend.

ARCHERS. You are a noble friend, a patron, but in principle, as a rock, obsessed with business, career climbing and material appetites: I want everything now! Moreover, in the case, who has been doing all his teeth ate. “Wind off the tape” back and catch yourselves up capabilities. But personal life is moribund, so if here the ground was slipping from under his feet (the family problem), make every effort not to be left with nothing. Reconsider the relationship with the partner. Because you share many happy moments that serve as a great magnet.

CAPRICORNS. Inside you is a volcanic process that generates a hidden danger that creates confrontational tension, that’s scary. So you love and hate at the same time, indifferent there. Although you are quite reckless attitude to his own magical nature, and then naively wonder why people are so unclear treat you.

Take care of family comfort, and do not make here any “showdown”. And let the wisdom will become your reliable ally in the eradication of complexes and bad habits.

Personal conduct under the microscope of others, you for their example of spiritual culture!

AQUARIANS. You again live “scenarios” from a past life, where good and evil are intertwined, demanding to restore order. Otherwise, in the future the doors are closed. The main thing — do not “fall” from reality to another virtual dimension, and to harmonize yourself internally. Now, you are required to sacrifice on the altar of charity. Don’t skimp, happy to share what we can. And if the “worm” owner wears away from the inside, throw away the damned. Your happiness, the source of vitality in meeting others! Then the misery will not.

FISH. Love you, open your heart to the fiery feelings, and let love consume you, destroy, will raise and eventually will change forever! Meet old friends, the brotherly relationship back from the past, demanding improvement. Chat, ponostalgirovat. Now you don’t need a windbag, and pragmatic comrades who stand firmly on the ground with whom you can do great things and earn money. Cultivate practicality, the master’s features. This is what will attract worthy partners for cooperation.