Any violations of anti-corruption bodies will play against Ukraine in the European courts.

“Today the head of the GFS Roman Nasirov me, as a lawyer, concerned about the number of points associated with gross violations. In any case, you need first of all to see “right” and not just conventional “Nasirov”. After all, any violations of anti-corruption bodies will play against Ukraine in the European courts,” – commented on the TV channel NewsOne, the situation around the “business Nasirov” the people’s Deputy of Ukraine of the faction “people’s front” George Legwinski.

He explained that representatives of anti-corruption authorities made some serious errors in presenting the suspicion and the contents in the court of the Roman Nasirov. In European courts, in the case that the lawyers of the head of the SFS they will appeal, can play against the state of Ukraine.

“There is nothing new in procedural violations, I don’t see is all the old methods that were used previously. Just before these methods were “off hands and feet”, imprisoned, dismissed from the authorities, explained that after 22.00 cannot be handed in suspicion because it’s not procedural rules, as some believe, namely investigations. Next – we, the European court of human rights for dozens of years suggests that it is impossible to put someone in a cage. It is a violation of the third article of the European Convention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, which may lead to the fact that the court recognized the unfair and all will need to be reviewed,” explained Legwinski.

Politician also warned of dangerous trends that exist today in society.

“The newly established authorities in society today rely great hopes. But in this situation it is not clear – authorities don’t know what they violate, or they believe that they can violate? If you can in anti-corruption bodies, and soon other governments will think that they, too, all possible and correspond such violations at each of us, taking such methods in each region and village. I have no less claim to Nasirova, than anyone else, and of course, all of us fundamentally, to be recognized by the court the perpetrator was responsible. But at least in principle, of the legal methods of protection of human rights. And people who have not read the case, did not destroy society with the help of masses who hates someone. We must move forward and not dwell on the path of lawlessness”, – the MP added.