The story about the Russian intervention is not just smoke and real fire

No doubt more can not be. The story about the Russian intervention is not just smoke, but actual fire. Communication Donald trump Jr. with the Russians during last year’s presidential race is an abnormal and alarming phenomenon. Due to the chain of incriminating electronic communications, the administration can not use its persistent weak argument last hope — it’s all just “fake news.”

This involved not only trump, but the President-in-law Jared Kushner, and former Chairman of the election headquarters by Paul Manafort. After hearing a series of misleading and false statements, Americans should ask themselves a question: and whether was involved in this and other assistants trump? If there were any other meetings? Did they have a President trump? What else camp trump knew about the support that the Kremlin has put his campaign?

This raises another question. How much more the Republican party will put loyalty to party interests and goals beyond decency and patriotism?

Son of trump unveiled mail correspondence after learned that she’s going to publish the New York Times. These letters show the following. In June 2016 the journalist that had to do with the contest “Miss universe” organized in 2013 in Moscow with Donald trump, suggested the President’s son “official documents and information, discrediting Hillary Clinton.” He stated that this information “from the top and very top secret,” and that it provided “the crown Prosecutor of Russia” (obviously, this refers to the attorney General). To pass it, he planned “in support of trump’s Russia and its government.”

Donald trump Jr. gave fully exposing his response: “If that’s what you say, I like it very much”. From subsequent correspondence it becomes clear that he decided to meet with “the Russian state’s” lawyer to get this information.

Trump Jr. and his apologists claim that just as an answer to any member of the campaign staff, looking for dirt on the opponent. No. Any decent member of the election headquarters, faced with an attempt by foreign powers to interfere in this way in American elections immediately would report it to the Federal Bureau of investigation.

Instead, trump was delighted and called for a meeting with the lawyer, as he considered Manafort and Kouchner. Even if the camp tramp at this meeting have not received any defamatory Clinton materials, the Russians could use this chain of e-mails and the fact of the meeting as leverage to trump and Kushner, who today works as a senior adviser in the White house. Enthusiasm trump Jr. could also convince the Kremlin that the campaign headquarters will be happy to Kremlin interference in elections. Because then Russians conducted a hacking campaign against Clinton.

What now? The only comment of the President in this case, which on Tuesday said Deputy press Secretary of the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Sarah Huckabee Sanders), was the following: “My son is a wonderful man, and I admire his openness”. On Monday, she Sanders said: “Unacceptable about this meeting, I think it’s just that after the voluntary disclosure of this information, there were people who organized the leak to the press”. It’s the only thing unacceptable? A responsible President would have found something to say about the unacceptability of the meeting and how and when he learned about it. This is with regard to openness.

On Wednesday the Senate will hold hearings in connection with approval of the Director of the FBI a presidential appointee Christopher ray (Christopher Wray). Senators should demand that he expounded the contents of all conversations with members of the administration trump, and has cooperated fully with special Prosecutor Robert Muller (Robert S. Mueller), a leading investigation on the relationship of trump and Russia. Legislators should take a hard act sanctions punishing Russia for its intervention in the elections.

And the Republican party leadership, including Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell (Mitch McConnell) and the speaker of the house of representatives, Paul Ryan (Paul D. Ryan), must finally decide: is it normal all this? Are they willing to discredit yourself with statements in defense of the President, whose advisers could greet the secret intervention of hostile foreign powers in the American elections?