Italy sends Portugal new evidence in the case of the spy SIS

All the materials seized from the Russian spy arrested in Italy, together with the Portuguese agent, Service of information and security (SIS) will be forwarded by the Italian authorities of Portugal. Investigators from the National Department against terrorism (UNCT), the Portuguese criminal police and in charge of the investigation prosecutors from the Ministry of justice believe that the charges against Frederico Gil of Karvalju espionage is confirmed by irrefutable evidence.

This decision was taken by Italy after the intervention of Eurojust, the European Agency for the cooperation of the judiciary, which followed the process and was the initiator issuing of European arrest warrants Karvalju Lived and Sergei Nikolaevich Pozdnyakov. With this end in Rome may 21, 2016 and had an operation Top Secret.

In November last year, wrote DN, the Italian authorities at the beginning of July to liberate the Russian, who is the intended agent of the SVR (foreign intelligence service, former KGB), not allowing the Portuguese investigators to interrogate him, refused to provide this material and thereby jeopardize the prosecution against the Portuguese spy. UNCT has at its disposal the documents that were at the spy SIS when he was arrested at the scene. Speech, in particular, goes on a secret report to NATO (which was never supposed to leave the building of the office of special services) and 10 thousand euros. It’s supposed to be — fee for sale information partner of Russia.

However, the material seized from Russian agent conducted the operation by the Italian police, was considered extremely important in order to prove the accomplished fact of the transaction and the presence of the Russian side of the secret documents of Portugal and NATO, which could be transferred only Karvalju Residential. We are talking about the evidence of crimes such as espionage, corruption, and leaking state secrets.

Remember: protecting your Karvalju Lived claimed he met with Russia to discuss the establishment of the company export Portuguese olive oil in Russia. Until now this intention is not supported by any evidence.

In recent months, Italian and Portuguese staff of Eurojust intensified contacts between the institutions of both countries. They managed to convince the Italians to do what is right in such cases: to establish comprehensive cooperation with the country that initiated the investigation In this case is Portugal. “Italy considers the cooperation with the Portuguese authorities as a very favorable and effective,” said DN of the Italian representative at Eurojust.

The same positive assessment of their Italian colleagues gives Portuguese officer of the European Agency. “I believe that the cooperation with the Italian authorities could be described as extremely successful, taking into account the circumstances of the case”, — said Antonio Clooney (António Cluny). Another example of such cooperation is the case of a former CIA spy Sabrina Souza (Sousa Sabrina), released a few days ago. She was also arrested UNCT and imprisoned in Italy.

58-year-old Frederique Karvalju Lived, has worked as a SIS agent for over 30 years, was a member of a number of departments, including the departments of counterintelligence and counter-terrorism. He is married to a citizen of Georgia and has never hidden his sympathy for this country. In Facebook Karvalju Lived repeatedly posted photos of his travels.

As a result of the search which the police conducted at the home of the Portuguese agent after his arrest in Italy, there were several documents marked “secret” in paper and electronic format, which Karvalju learned from SIS without permission. When he was already under suspicion and under investigation, he was denied certain access rights to databases information services, but the fact that he was able to extract them from the system, forced the investigators to consider the possibility of complicity of those who, not knowing about the purposes for which required documents, handed them over to the “experienced” spy.

Since June of last year after being extradited from Italy, the spy is under house arrest with an electronic bracelet. The Prosecutor’s office appealed the decision of the investigating judge Willow Rose (Rosa Ivo), which is not even banned Karvalju Mine to converse with the Russian partner and coordinating with him for protection. The court of appeal agreed with this protest, but continues to contain a spy under house arrest.