“History of disease” Nasirov: extract from the London stress at work and mind blowing trip to the USA

The case against suspended from the post of the head of the SFS of the Roman Nasirov became a sensation. In fact, this is the first, he loves to talk the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko, “big fish,” which threatened National anti-corruption Bureau and the Special anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office. Roman Nasirov is suspected of involvement in the “gas scheme Onishchenko”. According to investigators, at the head of the SFS Nasirov personally made the decision on granting installment of payment amounts for rental payment for the use of subsoil on 2,019 billion to companies associated with the MP from the “Will of the people” Alexander Onishchenko. He Nasirov charges in his address denies, adding that he is ready to defend the correctness in court, and already armed with an army of lawyers. And while the public show called “the trial of Nasirov,” on the second plan out the answer to the question, why now? Unofficially, the people’s deputies from different factions and groups agree that the case against Nasirov are the United States, they say, there was nothing to fly to Washington for the inauguration of Donald trump. That is why even a “support group” Nasirov in Parliament, which is close to the presidential Administration, could do nothing to save his friend. But indirect signs indicate that suspended the head of the SFS fully “merge”: by pure chance the day of the arrest Nasirov was with hypertensive crisis in “Feofaniya”, and in Solomenskiy district court on Sunday was not one judge, who would be able to consider the measure.

Ironically, detectives came to NEB and prosecutors for SAP Nasirov to work at first, and then to the hospital “Feofaniya” on the eve of his birthday – March 3, the patient was 38 years. That’s it, then brave “the watchman”, which missed the officers of NABOO, SAP and the special forces, just blew up the Internet and social networks. Still on the Internet joke goes: “If the watchman stopped the special forces, who then will stop the watchman?”. So remember the first day of “hunting” for Roman Nasirov. The second day, when it turned out that Nasirov not a heart attack, and hypertension that turned into a vigil under the Solomensky district court. And ended the second day, in fact, only yesterday.

Photo: TASS

Guilty or not guilty removed from office the head of the SFS, the court will decide. The case, according to lawyers and prosecutors, will be delayed for one month. In the meantime, the duty will be fulfilled by Nasirov, Deputy head of the GFS Miroslav Sold at the Friday meeting, the Cabinet appointed him acting head of the GFS. The decision of the government of the society immediately perceived hostility, they say, Sold from Vinnitsa, means people, and systems. But, in fact, no one else to appoint and could not, because another Nasirova Deputy Sergey Bilan held in another case NABOO.

In Parliament the case against the Roman Nasirov are reluctant to comment, offering to wait for the verdict of Themis. Informally interviewed by “Today” MPs from different factions see in footprint USA. “I’m telling you, this is exactly the arm of the state Department there, says Nasirov case “Today” one of the deputies from the BPP. – There was nothing to fly to the inauguration of the trump in Washington.” And one of the deputies of the NF adds that the case against the head of the SFS NABU and SAP want to curry favor with the new American administration, which is considering the reduction of financial assistance to Ukraine. We will remind that in February, Finance Minister Alexander danyluk appealed to the NACP and the NEB with a request to check for any money the head of the SFS went to the inauguration of the American President across the ocean. Nasirov himself commented on this: “Yes, I am a fan of trump’s, was in the United States. It was interesting to see such an event”.

The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine on Twitter commented on the reaction to arrest Nasirova. “The actions of the Ukrainian civil society, which calls for effective and transparent judicial process, inspire”, – stated in the message.

The actions of the Ukrainian civil society, which calls for effective and transparent judicial process, inspire.

— U. S. Embassy Kyiv (@USEmbassyKyiv) March 6, 2017

Other members jokingly say that the case against Nasirov was on hand for the Prime Minister, who has already expressed dissatisfaction with the SFS. As he wrote in his Facebook faction Viktor Chumak, “Who can be beneficial to the dismissal of the person of the President, other head of the NBU and the head of the budget Committee (people’s Deputy from BPP Andrei Pavelko – Ed.) buddy Homutynnik and business owners to rollback the VAT, the fortuitous beneficiary was Prime.”

The position of the head of the SFS has always been a bread place. “This is because control over the customs and VAT refund” – repeat all MPs, talked to “Today”. The work of the Roman Nasirov, the SFS is constantly accompanied by scandals and rumors of his possible resignation appeared a few months after his appointment in the summer of 2015. Even got Nasirov in GFS on the basis of open competition, all MPs are informally recognized that the figure Nasirova was a compromise among the BPP, NF and some parliamentary groups. In particular, the “Renaissance” Vitaly Homutynnik, which in the last Parliament chaired the Committee on taxation and customs policy. Call it “looking” for customs in Ukraine. He Nasirov in this convocation of Parliament also managed to direct that Committee (went to Rada in the outer part of the BPP list at No. 51 and personally said that the list he was invited by the President) but soon won the “fair competition” and led the SFS.

The first major scandal involving Nasirov occurred after the publication of the former Deputy head of the GFS Kostiantyn Likarchuk extracts from the land cadastre in the UK, according to which Nasirov has an apartment in London, which did not indicate in its Declaration. He Nasirov, the fact of the apartments did not deny, but said they are not his property. According to the transcripts of the UK, apartments are rented long term, which under the terms of the transaction is for a term of from 40 to 125 years.

Following a scandal broke out after the publication of “the Ukrainian truth” about
joint trip Nasirov and Homutynnik to Geneva for a meeting with businessman Igor Kolomoisky. According to the newspaper, talking during the meeting was about the installment debt “Ukrnafta” to the budget of 9.6 billion. Homutynnik and Nasirov this information was repeatedly denied, but the fact of the relationship of the MP with the head of GFS unofficially confirmed by many.

The Committee on taxation and customs policy Nasirova was always a “special” relationship. They escalated last spring, when the majority of the Committee members demanded the resignation of the head of the SFS. But the process stalled obligations Bankova street in front of the parliamentary group “Renaissance”. During the next attempt to send the Roman Nasirov resigned in may last year, spoke against it “Vidrodzhennya”, putting an ultimatum. Then “Today” reported that the parliamentary group refused to give vote for the appointment of Yuriy Lutsenko to the Prosecutor General and, if the Committee on taxation and customs policy decided to recommend the Cabinet to send Nasirov resign.

The people’s Deputy from BPP, member of the Committee on taxation and customs policy Oksana Prodan recalled Today that last year a group of 38 people’s deputies registered the draft resolution on the recognition of the work of the SFS head Nasirov and his first Deputy Bilan unsatisfactory and dismissal them from their posts. “In the explanatory Memorandum there is a list of comments on the operation of GFS in respect of VAT inspections, tax police, electronic administration, and other”, – said Prodan.

But there is in BPP and the so-called support group of the Roman Nasirov. Among them Gleb zagoriy, Alexander Tretyakov and Dmitriy Andrievskiy, who communicate closely with our Homutynnik. They together with people’s deputies from BPP Andrei Antonianum (member, tax Committee), Dmitry Andrievsky and Valery Davydenko (countryman Nasirov, elected to the Verkhovna Rada on the district 208 in Chernihiv region) on Saturday, March 4, tried to block the transportation Nasirov of “Theophany” in the Institute of cardiology of Strajescu. But they did not succeed. Later, Sami’s deputies said that he came to the court to personally see what is happening there. And Alexander Tretyakov even compared the detention Nasirov with the arrest of Yulia Tymoshenko in 2011.

“Photo – defenders Nasirov from BPP: Tretyakov, Zagoria, Antonischak, Davydenko,” – wrote in Facebook the people’s Deputy from “Samopomich”, a member of the tax Committee Andriy zhurzhiy.

Not hard to imagine that in such a situation the friends of the Roman Nasirov under the dome in the face of individual people’s deputies from BPP and NF, as well as the parliamentary group “Renaissance” will not vote in unison with the coalition for the right banking solution. However, here the revenue can come “radicals” – their relationship with the government in the recent warmer. As for the possible receivers Nasirov at the head of the SFS, at Bank candidates do not change. Like a year ago, the chair of the chief tax specialist of the country want to see Nina Southerner – now she heads the tax Committee. Strongly against the act NF, see there, or your or relatively neutral person. “Therefore, it is likely that very long acting will remain Sold – it is more or less satisfied everyone,” said one of the MPs from the NF.