Alexey Kudryavtsev: changes in urban planning laws prostimulirujte deployment of new Telecom networks

The head of the State architectural and construction Inspectorate Alexey Kudryavtsev considers that the adopted changes in planning laws will boost the rapid development of mobile networks and the introduction of innovative technologies in the field of telecommunications.

He said this in comments to RBC following the meeting of the working group regarding the list of construction works for expansion and upgrading of telecommunications networks that do not require obtaining permits.

According to Kudryavtseva, Gosarhstroyinspektsiya supported the initiative of the mobile operators to simplify the procedures for issuance of permits while building in communication.

“The development of modern technologies in the world reflects the level of economy and society. It is therefore very important to create comfortable conditions for their implementation. More than six months ago, mobile operators have provided inspection of the slice perspective in obtaining permits for the construction of telecommunications networks. The result was the proposals for changes in legislative framework regulating urban planning activity”, – said the head of Gosarhstroyinspektsii.

Kudryavtsev added that Gosarhstroyinspektsiya ready to open dialogue with investors in the issue on further improvement of system of regulation of the construction sector in line with international practice.

Director, corporate regulatory and legal Affairs, LLC “Lifecell” Andrey Krylov has noted that the result of cooperation with the Ministry of regional development and Gosarhstroyinspektsii is an example for other authorities.

“The simplification of procedures for placing the equipment of telecommunications networks in homes, buildings and premises is an example of effective cooperation of enterprises and government agencies, aiming at the deregulation of the business,” he said.

Recall that in January, the Verkhovna Rada amended the law on improvement of urban development activities. They have provided the approval of the list of construction works not requiring documents that give the right to their implementation and after completion of which the facility is not subject to adoption in operation.