Amina Okueva: Russia is falling apart and could use nuclear weapons

Russia is now in a state of collapse and in this agony she may use nuclear weapons. This opinion was expressed in an interview with “Apostrophe” former fighter regiment “Kiev” volunteer battalion behalf of Dzhokhar Dudayev, Chechen Amina Okueva.

She noted that the collapse of the Russian Empire has already begun, and perhaps the end is near.

“If you look globally, I also think that everything comes to a close, and the active phase of the sunset. The Russian Empire already in agony. But you need to understand that, as a living creature, dying Empire of agony can cause losses to others. Agony is a fairly active process. And such a large and vicious state of agony can cause such destruction. I do not exclude that they may try at some point and to use nuclear weapons! In the case of Russia, it is impossible to exclude anything. You need to prepare to such turn. In an extreme case, even a bunker build,” said Okueva.

In her opinion, even if Russia has nuclear weapons since the Soviet times not in the best condition (this was stated by experts), it is still to be feared.

“But we should always leave the possibility that these weapons, made in the Soviet Union 60-70 years ago, is still not out of order. You need to calculate the maximum damage that they can cause, and act on this basis”, – she added.

She also told me that Russia in the near future will focus on hybrid war in Ukrainee, swinging the situation inside the country, that in the future was prepared a base for a large-scale invasion of Russian troops.