In Japan crashed rescue helicopter

In Japan during a training flight crashed the rescue helicopter with 9 people on Board, rescuers found the bodies of three crew members, two in critical condition, the bodies of four are still not found. UNN reports with reference to the NHK.

After two hours of flight from Matsumoto airport in Nagano Prefecture was discovered the wreckage of the aircraft.

“Today the weather conditions in the mountains are calm, visibility was good, so we don’t yet know why the accident occurred”, – said the expert.
At the same time, the captain said that the cause of the accident is a coincidence of different factors.

“At the scene we see that the helicopter crashed from a great height. The reason may be a rapid change of the wind, failure of equipment or pilot error. We think that there is a strong likelihood that the accident happened because of their coincidence,” said the captain, Hiroyuki Kobayashi.